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Travel Diary

Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Hellllloo Sydney Town….I drove down to Sydney from Brisbane on Friday for a few different reasons.

… One, it’s no secret I love a looong drive. I find the rhythm of a journey particularly recharging and in some ways rather healing…..

…. Two, it’s time I finally pick up the random chairs, cabinets, lamps, stools and sinks I have sprinkled at friends homes all down the east coast of Australia from previous buying trips… ‘Can I leave this at your house and pick it up……. really soon… ish…… later… much later?’

…. Three, I had been invited to speak alongside some rather influential and inspiring women at the North Sydney Community Centres’ ‘In Conversation – Creative Women’ event. I would of told you about it earlier, except it sold out in what felt like seconds, seriously.


… the days impressive line up included me ‘in conversation’ with the charismatic food writer Barbara Sweeney, author and ex Inside Out editor Karen McCartney and textile designer Julie Paterson in conversation with Belle Magazine editor Tanya Buchanan, sculptor Shona Wilson in conversation with curator Katherine Roberts, photographer and author and all round inspiration Victoria Alexander in conversation with the prolific Carolyn Lockhart, sculptor and fibre artist and dear friend Harriet Goodall in conversation with Country Style’s editor Victoria Carey and artist and designer Liane Rossler in conversation with Jess Scully…. see, told you it was impressive!

… It was one of those days where hearing everyone’s story, everyday practice and why they do what they do, really topped you up with a good dose of inspiration and all round appreciation for the creative industries and if I’m honest, being a woman…


… when I come to Sydney I always spend time and stay with a favourite friend of mine, photographer Victoria Alexander – who was also speaking at the ‘In Conversations’ event. The shots above are of her home, a place which I find myself far too easily at home in.

I love discovering and admiring all her collection from her travels. Victoria has something about her, a pull. Her pure joy, curiosity and vigour for life is additively infectious to be near… and I love being near her often…


… with perfect sun drenched Sydney beach weather I was in desperate need to avoid being a ‘FOMO’ (Fear of Missing Out) and hit the beach…



… Clovelly Beach is such a favourite, when I lived in Sydney I would come to swim here….. I just love sitting back and watching life unfold in front of me,  like colourful street theatre…




… there is something particularly Australian about these sorts of beach front congregations…. even with all the bright colours, floating water noodles, snorkel bits and pieces and a few regrettable fashion decisions, I find them strangely very beautiful to document….



… a moment in time, reminiscent of another era…



… and literally right now, I have just checked into the The Old Clare Hotel in Kensington street, Chippendale for a couple of days, which is rather exciting…


… I’ll let you know how my stay goes, I might do a Travel Diary post and tell you how it is. So far so good, the super king bed is dangerously comfortable…

Talk soon,

K x


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6 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Love the photo of you in the mirror! Can’t wait to hear all about The Old Clare Hotel.
    Kylie x

  2. Hi Kara, I love that photograph of the older lady reminiscent of another era. Would this be available as a print and if so what dimensions ie square, landscape or portrait and size,


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