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Weekend in Pictures Home



©Kara Rosenlund

Hello Hello!….  it’s that time again on a Sunday night for Weekend in Pictures… I’m here at my laptop, tapping away, with a glass of wine /water…. listening to some Iron & Wine and  looking back at the blur which was the weekend.

… I’ve mean meaning to capture the shot above for a while now. There is no greatness in this shot, besides this is the first thing I see each morning when I wake. No alarms, just beautiful bright light pouring in…


…. I bought a new sofa, it’s called Joe, seriously, I didn’t make it up – Joe – that’s its catalogue name.  I wanted Joe so badly… for so long, and now, well, now… I’m a bit overwhelmed.

…. You know when you introduce a new thing into the home and you change everything around to make it work… and things feel strange while you get used to each other…. like a new flat mate or boyfriend… well, that’s me and Joe. Joe has been moved around a lot and I don’t think he is impressed with my indecisiveness… at all….


…  Joe and I had a quiet moment together (while I wasn’t moving him around) and I went through a copy of  ‘Georgia O’Keefe and her Houses – Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu’… I was really taken by her portrait in this shot….


… So much newness is happening around here, including this sweet tea cosy!

… I have worked with a local knitter on a design for my new kitchen range. I don’t know about you, but I love a tea cosy, especially coming into the cooler months.

….. I know people think they are daggy, but let me tell you –  there is nothing daggy about this cosy, she is chic! ……. plus, I’m can’t get enough of a heavy cable knit…


… Made an easy broth with some bits in the pantry….


…. came out pretty well….


…. Came across some vinyl gold at the local second hand shop… Bowie… Yeah.


… Moved around my curiosity cabinet because I thought Joe might look good in this spot…. he didn’t… so I had to put it back together again….


…. My dear woodcarver friend finished off the first batch of my ‘Teaspoon / Tablespoon Measurers’ – I know… read that one again – a teaspoon at one end and a tablespoon at the other – hand carved from beech! I know, I know….  it’s all about purpose, nothing unnecessary! Beautiful hand carved objects for the kitchen which are made locally which I have designed to be timeless and help you in the kitchen.


… Behind the scenes – I photographed the ‘teaspoon / tablespoon measurer’ alongside the ‘1/4 cup Measure’ – they are just so beautiful and so very practical. Who thought practicality could look so good!


… I’m hoping to have them in the shop for Tuesday… fingerscrossed, It will only be a small run of each object, so be quick…. there is a mixing spoon, the teaspoon / tablespoon measure, the 1/4 cup measure and two cheese boards. I love them all!


…. and incase you may of missed it, I doubt you have, I’m running a special promo in the print shop. $50 off ANY PRINT. New and Old. It ends at Midnight tonight (in your timezone). So NOW is the time if you have been meaning to add one to your home!


K x




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3 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures Home”

  1. Is your tablespoon Australian or American in measure? I always get frustrated when I can't buy and Australian tablespoon.

    Love the teacosy. Have always loved teascosys most likely because I love tea. Especially love Loani Prior's teacosys.

  2. Kara,
    Tea cosies/cosys? wow love a pot of tea with a cosy (I do have a knitted owl one hidden away somewhere!!!) and your spoons wonderful practical design with a handmade beauty. Your eye for detail and design is wonderful and truly inspiring. fi x

    • Hi Fi – I know, cosies or cosys? People seem to use both. The most important thing is that they keep your tea warm! Ha! They are so lovely and soft. Thank you for your kind words, I’m really proud of the spoons. I just love them, can’t get them out of my hands! K x

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