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ANZAC Day Long Weekend


©Kara Rosenlund

It was the ANZAC Day long weekend here. I always feel the weight of this day. To think of the men and women who sadly gave their everything for their country.

… John Maxwell Edmonds says it all, ‘When you go home, tell them of us and say ‘for your tomorrow, we gave our today’.

Rosenlund003… It was actually a really low key weekend. Saturday came and went and Timothy O and I hit a favourite little beach not far away for a paddle…



… I made boiled eggs and soldiers each morning…. I think it had more to do with using my little egg cosy than anything else…. cheap thrills!


… I finally made peace with ‘Joe the Sofa’. It’s love and I think it’s serious…. see last weeks post….


… For most of the long weekend I actually sorted my prop styling cupboards (yes, that’s a plural, many many cupboards) .

… For you Brisbane folk, next Saturday I’m dusting off Frankie my caravan and setting up shop at Vieille Branche’s autumn Market Day. I’m bringing out all my good stuff, the top shelf stuff – the stuff I haven’t wanted to part with until now.

… Lots of food styling props, old plates and platters, cutlery, old flags, glassware, enamel, furniture, old bottles, ladders, mirrors… It’s happening from 8am til 2pm – 10 Fox Street. Rain, Hail or shine… well maybe not hail, but you know what I mean..

Rosenlund007 Rosenlund008

… While doing the sorting I came across some old cut and sleeved negs / trannies I shot on the Hasselblad of Timothy O and I from a trip to Scotland from a loooong time ago…Rosenlund009

… Eeeek… and I also came across a few rolls I hadn’t sent to the lab…


… I put together some Mother’s Day gift bundles in my online shop, starting from $49… including the new KR hand carved mixing spoons and this new tea towel of the mother and baby kangaroo. Awww. Click here to visit.


… I watched this documentary twice – both Saturday and Sunday nights.. It was that good! I have always loved Nina Simone and the explosive dark emotion she brought to her music.


… Then, this afternoon as the weather changed and it began to rain, I decided to bake a chocolate cake, the ultimate comfort food. I love chocolate cake and dear friend Nadine Ingram of Flour and Stone in Sydney makes the best one – a ‘Chocolate Manjari Cake’…

…. I even used my KR double ended teaspoon / tablespoon measure – I know! Fancy fancy!


…. Nadine says this cake has been a cake for life; a cake for joy and even a cake for sorrow, proving that the healing power of cake should never be underestimated….

… and sorrow there was, as my cake didn’t turn out…. I did something terribly wrong and my ‘cake for life’ turned out more like a  ‘flat pudding for life’…. let it be known it was not my measuring spoons fault….

I’m not giving up on this ‘cake for life’. Just like life itself, there are many lessons to always keep learning!

K x

P.S I’m off to Canberra this week to visit Hotel Hotel, more to come!



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