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How to Style My Antipodean Pants

I’m always drawn to wearing pieces that require minimal effort, but give maximum impact. They are casual and relaxed, though there is always an element of detailing and classic tailoring.

In my wardrobe you’ll find white, creams, tans, khaki and black – all earthy colours.

By limiting my colour palette, I know I can pull together an outfit without too much thought and feel put together, which gives me confidence for the day ahead.

I put together an outift the same way I do a room or when I’m composing a photograph – by identifying the statement piece and building around it.

Here are a few of my favourite ways to style my new antipodean pants.

I would never want to detract from the voluminous nature of these pants, though I like to balance out the silhouette by wearing something more fitted on top. Black and white are my favourite colours to complement the earthy tone of the pants.

One of my favourite looks is a white collared button up shirt, tied in a knot in the middle to accentuate the high waist of the pants. It is a really effortless way to be playful with classic pieces.

Another way I wear them is with a fitted black singlet top, tucked in, with the pants worn high at the base of my ribs.

If you wanted to emphasise the silhouette further, you could add a thin belt to the outfit using the narrow belt hoops on the waist.

 I live in tan leather slides, though if I wanted to add a high heel, it would be an open-toed stacked heel.

After washing, I hang the pants up to dry in the shade outside and they dry beautifully, no ironing required :)

I love the style of palazzo pants, they are so easy to wear and always make me feel good.

I have long admired trail-blazing women, particularly the women of the 1930s who broke convention and started wearing this style of pants.

 The tailored elements keep them feeling feminine, yet the loose nature of the lightweight fabric allows you to move and work easily.

I’ve worn these pants while working on photographic assignments and also on weekends away and they are perfect in each situation.

 I roll them up to pack (they take up no space) and even wear them over my swimmers to go to the beach, and whatever I’m doing after – the shops, the market or a cheeky bar somewhere.

I named them the Antipodean Pants because the colour has such a strong link to the bronze landscape of Australia that I love so much.

There are limited numbers in stock now, head over to the shop to find out more.

K x


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