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My Easy Weekend Style

Nothing beats the anticipation of a weekend. After spending the week away on location or in the studio, I love a quick getaway to unwind on the weekend. An escape. Somewhere that doesn’t take much planning or effort to reach.

The minute I close up my studio and jump in the car, my weekend begins.

Above: Leaving the studio with my new Market Bag

I find that transition time of being in the car before you’ve reached your destination to be so carefree and a touch romantic. Buzzing with excitement.

The music is up, the windows are down and I’m singing along badly in the car…the stress of the week is gone….. and adventure is in the air.

Before I leave, I’ll wrap my silk scarf around my neck, throw my clutch into my market bag and head out the door.

These little additions and outfit tweaks make me feel like the work week is over and it’s time to relax and simplify.

Texture and colour are important to me and the silk scarf, stripe kerchief and suede clutch make me feel like I’m back in the era when travel was something to dress up for.

There is something so alluring about old world travel and style which I just loooove. Simple things like rolling up the sleeves of your shirt or wearing an oversized sunhat. There is a lot to love about the playfulness of this era gone by.

Weekend Playlist

This is what I listen to on the weekend. Music is a huge part of my weekend – I’m always listening in the car when I’m driving, I put it on when I’m back from the beach or getting ready to go out for dinner.

I’ve put together this playlist inspired by the romance of travel and old world style and the pure joy of the weekend.

K x


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3 Comments to “My Easy Weekend Style”

  1. Hi Kara
    Being a Brisbane girl & a world traveller, I very much appreciate your style! Lovely inspiration. May I ask a random question please – where did you source the hexagonal floor tiles in the images above? I’m building a house in Melbourne (from London) and am looking for something like this, but it’s really hard to source from so far away.
    Any help you could offer would be hugely appreciated!

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