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Travel Diary

Roadtrip to Yamba NSW

Yamba would have to be one of my most favourite seaside towns along the east coast of Australia. I always find a reason to take the turn off from the highway and either have pitstop while on the road, or make it an overnight stay while road tripping.

I thought I would share what I like to get up to when I’m in Yamba! I also love photographing in this area too and have added a few new prints to my print shop to celebrate this region.

Above: Looking out from to the headland and to the Pacific Ocean. This work is a limited edition photographic print titled ‘Yamba at Dusk’ available in my print shop.

Above left: The old pub, the ‘Pacific Hotel’ / Above right: In the sunroom of room #20, planning out my road trip with my map and pieces of luggage.

I always stay at the Pacific Hotel. I love the charm of staying above the old pub and to be honest the views are some of the best in town. You can look straight out to the beach from your room.

You really can’t beat it and I try to always book room #20. I have stayed in many rooms here at the pub, though there is just something about #20 with its old school sunroom and the way the light comes in. Plus, the sunroom has wooden floors! Love!

Make sure you call up in advance, it books out fast.

Above left: Shadow play on the sheets at the Pacific Hotel / Above right: The view out of my room to the headland of Yamba.

Above left: Details on the old weatherboard Surf Life Saving Club in Yamba / Above right: Planning sessions on the map of where to explore and travel to along the East Coast of Australia.

Above left: The interior of room #20. / Above right: The fragrance of frangipanis wafts everywhere in Yamba.

Above: The vista of main beach in Yamba and the Pacific Hotel, with the Surf Life Saving Club tucked behind the Norfolk Pines. This work is available as a limited edition photographic print and is titled ‘Yamba Seaside’.

If you stay at the pub you can walk down the track and have a dip in the ocean pool at the front beach first thing in the morning.

There is nothing better than a swim in the sea after a long road trip to feel fresh and alive again.

Above left: A very kind surf life saver of the SLSC Yamba / Above right: The ocean pool at Yamba. This work is available as a limited edition photographic print and is titled ‘Ocean Pool’.

 I love an early morning barefoot beach walk and this kind surf life saver yelled out to me from the weatherboard club house and invited me upstairs to take in the view. He saw me photographing on the beach and was keen for a chat. It was a slow morning as I was the only person on the empty beach. That’s just the kind of place Yamba is.

 I then walked down to the ocean pool. I love ocean pools, and this one is built into the rocks at the southern end of main beach. This photograph is available as a limited edition photographic print and is titled ‘Ocean Pool’ in my print shop.

Above left: Braised broadbeans and greek yoghurt with turkish bread at Beachwood Cafe/ Above right: Old timber fisherman shacks are dotted all over Yamba.

A great place for breakfast and lunch is Turkish cafe Beachwood. It’s just tucked up off the main drag on High street.

The produce here is fresh and seasonal, utilising Yamba’s fertile location and serving up the best from the local fisherman and farmers.

It’s cash only, so remember to go to the atm around the corner beforehand.

Above: The dramatic view out from the Pacific Hotel in Yamba.

Above left: A glimpse into Flots and Jets vintage store / Above right: The old shell lamp I found at Flots and Jets.

No coastal town call in is without a trip to an antique store and Flots and Jets is a must visit! Megan who owns the shop is lovely and has such a great eye. I found a great shell lamp in this shop.

It’s on the main drag in town with layers and layers of the good stuff to fossick through!

Above left: The blue pool of Angourie / Above right: Me, contemplating jumping off the cliff…. which I did. Eeek.

I like to then nip over to nearby secret spot Angourie for a dip in the blue pool. It’s a freshwater haven and if you are up for it jump off from the cliffs into the pool below, eeeeeek.

You can hike the surrounding areas and then cool off in the refreshing water. The area is of significance to the people of the Yaegl Nation, traditional custodians of the land.

Above: Sugarcane is everywhere on the outskirts of Yamba, swaying in the winds.

Above left: Emu roadsigns / Above right: The old dirt track in the Yuraygir National Park.

Lake Arragan and Red Cliff campgrounds are in the Angourie precinct of Yuraygir National Park, an hour south of Yamba is also a must. Dirt roads, ti tree lakes surrounded by paperbarks and isolated empty beaches.  Bliss! Plus, you might spot an emu on the run, eeek!

Enjoy this part of the world, it’s very beautiful.

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Kara x



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