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Comforting Hot Chai at Home

It feels with each day that goes by ‘normal’ is pushing its way back into our daily lives.

For me I don’t really long for what I had before to come back, well, not in its entirety. I don’t yearn for that frantic pace.

I have taken this time of stillness to reflect and reevaluate how I see life and especially my home life.

To understand what I truly value and love and hope to be able to get closer to achieving a more meaningful nurturing life, with a lot more simplicity.


Above left: The back of our house on the island, sitting within the bush block / Above right: Collected favourite handmade ceramics and knives from friends, and also old antique pieces like the bone handled butter knives.

I thought I would share one of my favourite rituals I’m finding soothing first thing in the morning. Making a chai from scratch and snuggling into my new Cocoon Coat.

Something as basic as having the time to brew a comforting chai in the early hours of the day is one thing I’m so grateful for, and one which I could never find the time to do ‘before’.

Above left: The spices which make up the chai  / Above right: Preparing the spices first thing in the morning wearing The Cocoon Coat.

Chai is a combination of black tea and spices, like ginger, cardamon, cloves, star anise and cinnamon. I even split a vanilla pod and scrap out the inside. Love vanilla.

Originating in India, there are lots of health benefits to chai. It can improve your overall health, improve  your digestion, it can support your immune system and decrease fatigue.

For me I just love the spicy taste.

Above left: Slicing the vanilla pod. I actually keep my discarded vanilla pods in a glass jar with sugar. They are too valuable to just be thrown away / Above right: Shadowplay on the outside of the house, a palm fronds silhouette.

Above left: In the kitchen getting ready to bring together all the ingredients, wearing The Cocoon Coat. / Above right: I use an old pestle and mortar to bruise all the ingredients.

You easily bring all the spices together and bruise them in a mortar and pestle. If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, you can use the back of spoon or a mallet with some gusto.

I love this process of combining it all, as it’s so fragrant and feels nourishing.

Bruising the seed coats and husks of the spices enhances the flavour and aroma and that’s exactly what chai is all about. That comforting aroma!

Above left: Simmering the brew / Above right: I love using handmade ceramics everyday, they bring such a sense of artfulness to the simplicity of situations, such as this new Stoneware Mug. I’ve also just added my favourite rings to the shop too.

Above left: In the kitchen enjoying the chai and wearing my Cocoon Coat in Ochre / Above right: Shadowplay in the morning light on the outside of the house

 Being able to drink a warm chai from a hand thrown mug is such a calming experience and feels nurturing.

 Handmade ceramics would have to be my favourite thing to collect and use daily. There is just something special when an object is handmade, it just feels as it should in the hands.

Above left: The Chai recipe card / Above right: Just brewed and ready to enjoy and unwind in my new Stoneware Mug

I hope you too can find the time to make a Chai at Home. It’s going to be an overwhelming time in many ways to navigate back to ‘normal’. I hope you too can think about what you want more of and what you would like to let go on the path back to ‘normal’.

Kara x


P.S: I’m wearing the new Cocoon Coat in ochre. I have been living in it lately. This piece is perfect for days when you want to feel protected and secure.


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