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Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

If there is one thing which has been making me feel happy lately it’s making a simple cake… especially a chocolate cake.

Either to keep out on the kitchen bench for a little sweet snack, or to give as a thoughtful gift to friends who are feeling down, or even to take a couple of slices to the local park to enjoy.

Above left: Fresh free range eggs / Above right: Lovely dark glossy pieces of chocolate about to be melted.

This is a favourite recipe and is foolproof. It’s one of Julia Ostro’s – aka Julia Busuttil Nishimura, the Melbourne based cook and author.

I love her recipes and also the lovely warmth she exudes with everything she does. If you don’t know her, have a little google or instagram stalk.

Her recipes celebrate simple ingredients, which is very refreshing for this humble home cook.

Above left: Sieving Dutch Cocoa using old school traditional cooking utensils / Above right: Stirring the melted chocolate

This delicious chocolate cake calls for 7 ingredients and most things you will already have in the pantry at home.

Truth be known if I don’t have hazelnuts, I use almond meal instead of making a special trip to the shops.

Above left: Good enough to lick the bowl / Above right: The first warm slice of the Chocolate Hazelnut Cake, dusted with some extra Dutch Cocoa.

If you have an electric mixer this will make the whisking a breeze, as a little extra air in the mix will go a long way. If not, work those arm muscles!

I dust mine with Dutch Cocoa and eat a slice straight away while it’s warm (I know, naughty!)

It really doesn’t need icing, it’s decadent enough, especially as you sometimes discover extra gooey bits of chocolate in each mouthful.

Above left: The recipe card to the Chocolate Hazelnut Cake / Above right: Lovely warm pieces of cake to enjoy straight away.

The beautiful fragrance of the cake baking makes the home smell so good, like you are in a secret bakery somewhere.

Hope you like this delicious one and it brings you some joy during these dark days.

Kara x

PS – in case you missed it I just shared my new free ‘Photography Class‘, designed for these strange times.


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