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Partnership Client

Country Road ‘Live with Us’

A lifestyle and table decorating story for Country Road’s journal ‘Live with Us’.  Shot on location at my island weekender on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island), Queensland, Australia.

Lifestyle photographs and styling by Kara Rosenlund, portraits of Kara Rosenlund by Clare Lancaster.

Above left: Collecting local banksias which grow near by to decorate the table with / Above right: Towels hang on the outdoor deck, post ocean swims.

Above left: Cutting and arranging local gumleaves and gumnuts in a vase for the table centrepiece / Above right: Bringing the vase of gumleaf natives to the table.

Above left: Knotting the napkins for a uniques take on styling, rather than orongong them perfectly, and adding a sprig of banksia leave to make guests feels special/ Above right: The decorated table all ready to go on the outdoor deck on a sunny spring afternoon.

Above: The tabletops details with natural elements such as coconuts and the bunch of local gum leaves.

Above left: Stories of the local area. Stradbroke Dreamtime book by Oodgeroo Nunukul from 1972 / Above right: The tablescape all finished.

Above: A portrait of me at the styled table.

Above left: More details of the nature inspired tabletop / Above right: A glimpse out to the deck and beyond, into the Australian bush.

Above left: The colours of the landscape of Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) / Above right: The tablescape on the deck, just as the sun sets.

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