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3 Ways to Style Your Living Room for a Natural New Mood

After the year we’ve all had it’s time for a restyle at home!

 We have spent way too much time on our sofas and in our living rooms this past year, and if you’re anything like me, you are itching for a change.

I have 3 ways you can style and refresh your living room, while saying goodbye to this year and getting ready to welcome in a new one in – with a natural new mood.

If you need a complete change of mood – do all 3 steps. If you would just like a little freshen up, choose your area.

The new vibe starts here!

Above: The black canvas of my living room after everything has been cleared out.

Start with a blank canvas. Take all your cushions off the sofa, clear everything from your coffee table and remove art from your walls.

I pile all my bits up in the hallway, so they don’t get in the way and so I can focus on the space itself.

Above left: I love to ‘Sage‘ the home, and while the living room is looking minimal it’s the perfect time / Above right: These ‘Natural Grass Tie Backs‘ are perfect to tie your curtains back with and let fresh air and light into your space.

While the living room is looking minimal, I like to take advantage of this and ‘Sage‘ the space.

I do this by lighting a ‘Sage Stick‘. While it’s smouldering and smoking, I walk around the room, waving the stick in the air.

 I know, I know, it sounds a little crazy, but it’s believed sage helps remove negative energy from your home.  After this year I’m willing to try anything, so sage it is. Plus it feels so calming to walk around the room with it.

I also love to use these ‘Natural Grass Tiebacks‘ on my curtains, as this simple accessory helps to introduce more natural light and fresh air into the space, making it feel more uplifting and positive.

Above: Building up the various colours and shapes of my new Cushion Collection, available in Indigo, Caramel, Nutmeg and Tobacco Stripe

New Cushions = New Mood

I’m styling the sofa with these 5 new cushions that I’ve just added to the shop.

To achieve an interesting and visually appealing  (not to mention comfortable) sofa, I always like to use a mix of striped patterns, solids colours and various shapes. When used together they achieve a great eye catching style which looks effortless and intriguing.

I sourced the solid colour fabrics in Amsterdam, and then had the fabrics made into cushions locally in Australia. They have even been finished with custom turned burlap piping to make them extra special and original.

You never want your cushions to be too precious or delicate that you feel uncomfortable and unable to relax using them. These ones are supportive and made from heavy weight natural fabrics. They feel soft to touch and have been filled with feather inserts made by my upholsterer.

I only had a handful made, so they are super special and limited.

Above: The empty canvas of my living room, with the cushions being added to give the space some added dimensions and texture.

Above left: The new Hurricane Vase filled with local flowers / Above right: Bringing in elements like nature in the Hurricane Vase, Ostrich Eggs and stacks of loved art books.

Coffee Table = A Place for Your Favourite Things

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, which is true, though I also believe that the coffee table is a revealing place, where you show your real self.

I like to place my favourite things on my coffee table – stacks of well loved art books, collected objects and found pieces of nature.

Here I’m using my new Hurricane Vase which is coming soon to my shop.  A mouth blown, handcrafted bubble vase, which is perfect for a little posy of gathered flowers, in both clear glass and also amber glass.

Plus, in the evenings the Hurricane Vase can illuminate the most beautiful golden ambient light, as it comes with a beeswax candle.

Sign up to my mailing list to be the first to know when they arrive.

Above left: The sustainable ‘Ostrich Eggs‘ add an element of curiosity and wonder to the coffee table / Above right: The coffee table with a lot more dimension and layers.

Always add nature to your coffee table. I use nature in the form of these ostrich eggs, which have been sustainably sourced in Australia. They are like art to me and give the coffee table such an air of curiosity and wonder.

These objects all work on a side table too.

Above: My living room looking more textured and layers with the added light, cushions and coffee table additions.

Above left: Selecting the right sizes for my space, ‘Weekend‘ in small is perfect for the mantle / Above right: Moving around and leaning my extra large photographic print titled ‘Australian Summer‘.

Walls = Change Your View

Bring your walls to life by introducing dimension and nature through photographic prints on the wall. I love to include pieces in a variety of sizes around the room, again to create a visually stimulating statement.

With framed photographic pieces like these ones from my shop, I like to ‘lean them’ as opposed to hang them,  it’s a contemporary and modern approach. This way they take on the feel of a piece of furniture, which you can move around the room when you feel like it.

I lean my extra large ‘Australian Summer‘ against the fire place and a small ‘Weekend‘ on the mantle.

Above left:  Decorating and adding dimension with photographic pieces for the walls / Above right: Sitting back and enjoying the new and fresh space of the living room.

These photographic prints are all framed in my ‘Signature Framing Style‘. The sustainable Tasmanian Oak molding works so well in many interior spaces, as it’s neutral in colour.

If you would like to get this look for your home in time for Christmas, order by the 6th of November for Framed Prints and the 27th of November for Unframed Prints.

Above: The finished space, with the added dimension and layers of photographic prints for the walls, and soft furnishing for the sofa and intriguing objects for the coffee table.

And that’s it, in 3 simple steps you are feeling new and fresh again –  good bye tired interior.

Sit back and enjoy the natural atmosphere and dimension of your living room.

Kara x

P.S: Remember, if you would like to get this look for your home in time for Christmas, order by the 6th of November for Framed Prints and the 27th of November for Unframed Prints.


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