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Your Christmas Countdown

Christmas 2020 is inching closer and closer with each day that passes and this year will be like no other.

So I thought I would share my simple guide on how I’m planning to approach Christmas this year. Helping us through the festive lead up, while feeling in control and organised for how we live now.

Leaving things til the last minute will not work this year – I’m notorious for doing this, but I can’t do it this year. So below is a checklist to help us navigate the countdown.

We all need some joy this Christmas after this rollercoaster of a year, so let’s dive in together!

Above left: Getting in the festive mood with a giant floral wreath of orchids and natives / Above right: A glimpse out to the styled table on the deck.

OCTOBER – Gifts and Preparations

This is the month to start conversations with family and friends about what the Christmas plan is, and who is going to host the day.

If you have decided to host Christmas, how many are coming? How many are you allowed to have over? And where will everyone sit?

Create a calendar for important dates.

Above left: Wrapping thoughtful gifts for loved ones living abroad. The Koala Teatowel is lightweight to post and is made in Australia / Above right: ‘Kangaroos’ Teatowel is the perfect gift to remind your loved one of ‘home’.

Order Gifts Early

Start writing a ‘gift list’. Start with family members, then friends, and then add people whose help deserves some recognition like teachers and supportive neighbours.

Start ordering gifts, especially for loved ones overseas  – it will take longer to receive purchases bought online this year. Worldwide delays due to COVID are increasing delivery times, as most people will be avoiding the big shops. 

I’m ordering gifts now in October to not miss out. Make sure you order early to receive your gifts before Christmas. 

Above left: This is ‘Australian Summer’ in my Gift Box 8×10″ size. They come in a beautiful linen box and all my prints are available in the size, perfect for gifting / Above right: Signing ‘Rhythm’ Photographic Print in my 20×30″ medium size. Everyone has room for this versatile size.

If you are ordering from my shop, place your orders for international delivery by the 30th October.

To save time I can send it straight to your loved one’s door, just write their address in the shipping details and we can beautifully package it and send.

Above left: Our homemade Christmas Tree in the living room. It’s made from fallen dried branches from the backyard / Above right: I love to decorate the house with gathered arrangement of natives from the local area, using my new mouth blown glass vase.

NOVEMBER – Think about Decorating 

Have a think about how you would like to decorate the Christmas tree this year. I like to keep our Christmas tree the stand alone decorative hero and add vases brimming with nature around the house.

Above left: Add a touch a nurturing festivities to the room with the new ‘Baby Kangaroo’ tea towel / Above right: The new handmade Koala ornament made in collaboration with local ceramic studio ‘paper boat press’.

Decorations & Tablescaping

Each year I treat myself to a new Christmas ornament and this year it will be my first ornament made in collaboration with ceramic artist Kylie Johnson of paper boat press. It’s a locally handmade ‘Baby Koala Christmas Decoration’ which Kylie made from a photograph I captured earlier in year of a baby koala affected by the bushfires. They are so cute and are a celebration of our much loved koala.

I have also just released my ‘Baby Kangaroo Tea Towel into the shop, which is such a lovely nurturing decoration to either decorate the house with or give as a gift.

Both the ornament and decoration have been handmade in Australia.

Above left: Finding the best hooks to hand the wreath from. / Above right: This is the Christmas theme I will be running with this year; linens and objects in colours taken from nature. These are new to my shop also.

It’s a good time to touch base with your local florist or visit the flower market to see what’s in season if you aren’t going to gather foliage from your local area.

If you are going to have a wreath, now is the time to order one.

Think about incorporating colours or themes into your Christmas table.

Above left: Hanging the new ceramic ‘Koala’ ornament on the tree, so cute / Above right: Love seeing a full decorative Christmas tree with lots of sentimental ornaments.

DECEMBER – Tree Time

The best bit is still left to do – it’s time to decorate your tree!

I like to put our tree up on the 1st of December to enjoy it for as long as possible.

It’s also time to hang your ‘Baby Koala Christmas Decoration’ and ‘Baby Kangaroo Teatowel’ and get in the Christmas mood.

 Your gifts and plans should be sorted by now, so you can relax a little.

Above left: Fresh crabs for Christmas Day / Above right: Gathering all my favourite bits and pieces to create a meaningful and beautiful tablescape for the day.


Order any seafood from your local fish shop, meat from the butcher, and wine online for the day.

Gather your table items and make sure all your glassware is clean and your cutlery is polished and linen napkins are all paired up in sets.

Gather your gifts (Remember, to place your order in my shop by 27th November for pre-Christmas delivery within Australia due to COVID related shipping delays)

Above left: Hanging my Christmas Day outfits up always make me feel a little more organised. This is the ‘Midi Skirt’ in the bedroom with my accessories / Above right: This is how I wear my hair when its up, with a stylish old school ‘Hair Slide’.

 Plan your Christmas outfit. I generally have two outfits on the go. One to run around and do last minute cooking in the morning on the day and then ‘my outfit-outfit’ with accessories. I will be wearing the ‘Stradbroke Island White Skirt’ on Christmas Day.

Once I put that long white skirt on I know it’s time to relax and let the pressures go.

Above left: My little collection of sentimental accessories; Bangles, Comb, Hair Slide and Himba Bangles / Above right: I’ll be wearing ‘The Stradboke Island Skirt’ on Christmas Day.

Above left: Wrapping gifts for loved ones / Above right: Gift Certificates available for last minute gifts.

One Week to Go

It’s time to wrap your presents! If you have found you have forgotten to buy for someone (eeek), or their gift hasn’t arrived in time, I have Gift Certificates available for you.

Two days before

Prepare food and gather glassware and bring as many things close to the table.

Pour yourself a drink, you deserve it. With all the running around and mind bending thinking ‘have I forgotten anything’, it’s time for a little reward.
 It’s almost time!

Above left: Bringing to life the Christmas Table with all the thoughtful bits and pieces / Above right: A small, yet intimate set up for the day on the deck.

On the morning of

Get ready, put on your new outfit and accessories on.

Enjoy your Christmas lunch and relax… it’s the holidays!
Pour yourself another drink for me and have a wonderful day.
Forget about the pressures of the world and enjoy the company of your loved ones!
Kara x


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4 Comments to “Your Christmas Countdown”

  1. I love that tree, any chance of a ‘make it yourself’ tutorial… trying to figure out how each branch has been fastened to the other?

    • Just a hole has been drilled into each branch and you thread them on a piece of stable long rio. Google metal rio if you aren’t familiar. Kara x

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