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How I’m Styling My Christmas Table & Sand Crab Lasange Recipe

I’m really looking forward to Christmas Day this year, probably more so than any other year. To have that one day without feeling the current pressures of the world.

Most of all I’m looking forward to sitting around the table and seeing the faces of those closest to me who I love.

Conversation time spent at the table is always sacred and special, something I treasure so much afterwards and keep in my thoughts.


Above left: The Christmas table decorated in the sunshine of the deck / Above right: Fresh sand crabs for the lasagna.

This year Christmas lunch will be at our place. Christmas always means seafood in our hot climate, eaten outside on the deck in the fresh summer air. Being in the elements on a good weather day (fingers crossed) always sets such a carefree and uplifting mood.

This year I’m making sand crab lasanga, a family favourite. The sand crab makes it feels rather special and very summery. I try to have everything organised prior to family arriving to minimise time spent in the kitchen away from everyone.

Above left: Bring nature to the table in the form of a bunch of collected local native flowers in my glass bubble hurricane vase / Above right: I’m decorating the table this year with linen napkins and collections of seashells as place settings for family and lots of thick glassware.

I love to decorate with natural pieces for the table. It’s a must for me. When you decorate with nature, it has a way of easing the elements together in a low fuss, yet high impact way.

 From textural linen napkins in earthy colours, collections of seashells for casual place settings and glass vases with local native flowers. Having unusual styled natural pieces stimulates table conversation and curiosity.

Above left: Bringing together the table elements and decorating the table on the deck / Above right: It feels so lovely to touch objects made from natural materials like glass and linen.

I have just released a new tabletop collection especially for Christmas, which you will find in my shop.

A lot of what I make available in my shop enters my life through my home first, usually straight onto my table. Pieces I’m yearning to find, which I can’t find anywhere else.

When I find myself craving a particular shaped object, like a thick bulbous glass carafe, I will be thinking that I want them for the shop too. It’s special being able to create the things I wish existed.

Above left: A glimpse through to the decorated Christmas table on the deck / Above right: Sand crab lasagne, such a family favourite.

Touch and textures are so important when bringing together a styled table. Something as simple as the weight of a heavy linen napkin across the legs has a way of feeling so calming and allows you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy the moment.

Above left: Enjoying the moment being outdoors in the elements / Above right: Watching the sun set on the day with a glass of (non alcoholic for me) wine.

Above: The sand crab lasagne recipe card

Here is my recipe card for my Christmas Day sand crab lasagne. If you too like seafood I would highly recommend it and it can be made the day before, (plus you can arrange fresh crab meat from your local seafood shop, if cracking crabs isn’t your thing)

And remember, if you would like to get this natural look for your Christmas table, my new tabletop collection is available in the shop now. Like always I don’t have many, so best be quick.

Kara x


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4 Comments to “How I’m Styling My Christmas Table & Sand Crab Lasange Recipe”

  1. Yum!! I made this one a whim with dungeness crab and wow! I might make this my annual Christmas dinner too. Being in California, I had to do a few conversions. I also used half and half instead of cream, and it turned out perfect!

  2. Hi can I use blue swimmer crabs. Also if making day before do you cook or just put into fridge ready for cooking next day.
    Thank you

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