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Editorial Client

Artist Delvene Cockatoo Collins

Portrait feature for Country Style Magazine, featuring artist Delvene Cockatoo Collins, at home on Minjerribah, Quandamooka Country, (North Stradbroke Island).

Shot on location on the island, documenting her art practice within nature and in Delvene’s studio, Queensland, Australia.

Portrait photographic work.

Above left: Delvene walking the mudflats early in the morning, where she finds much of her artistic inspiration / Above right: Delvene in her element out in nature.

Above: Taking in the quiet of the morning and the soft light on Minjerribah.

Above left: Delvene digging for ochre pigment under the sand and then rubbing and working the pigment into watercolour cards, to be later woven together to form a ‘colour map’ of Quandmooka country.

Above left: Washing the excess pigment off in the seawater / Above right: One of the watercolour sheets Delvene uses for the ‘colour map’ which Delvene creates from all the different areas on country.

Above: A beautiful ancient rock face on the island, in oranges, pinks and browns,

Above: Delvene gentle removes some of the pigment from the rock face and uses this on her colour map cards.

Above: ‘The colour map’ of Quandamooka country, which helps guide her using colours in her own artwork which relate to country, dusty pinks, soft yellows, bright oranges, all are from uniques locations and form the colour map.

Above left: The colour map of Quandamooka / Above right: All the colour cards with the rubbed pigment woven together to form a piece of art, showcasing all the colour of country. Each colour is from a particular different area.

Above left: Screen printing is also part of Delvene’s art process / Above right: Using lots of roughly mixed colours inspired by the landscape and colour mapping on the silkscreen.

Above: At her home studio Delvene creates many hand printed works on linen, such as textiles for her shop.

Above left: Delvene in her shop at Goompee on the island / Above right: One of Delvene’s woven mats made from the fresh water reed, yungair, which her grandmother taught her how to weave.

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