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A Coastal Inspired Interior in Jervis Bay

Above: ‘Byron Bay Salt Haze‘ setting the laid back coastal atmosphere at Stay Casita.

I’m excited to reveal the latest interiors project to come out of the studio.

Late last year a collection of my coastal photographic works were selected and installed in a seaside escape called Stay Casita, in Jervis Bay, on the south coast of New South Wales.

I worked with the clients to help create a coastal atmosphere at their property. They wanted a calm and laid back atmosphere, complimented by a paired back colour palette.

They selected an extra large ‘Byron Bay Salt Haze‘, an extra large ‘Tasman Seabird 1960‘, and a small ‘Underwater Frolic‘ as the hero pieces in the living room, dining room and reading nook to set the mood.

Above left: I love a black and white beachscape and ‘Byron Bay Salt Haze‘ sets the tone perfectly / Above right: One of my favourite elements about this photograph is seeing the salt spray over the water and the little silhouettes of beach goers in the shallows.

Personally, I don’t think you need to see the blues of the sea for a photographic print to evoke that relaxed coastal feeling. My go-to print for coastal interiors is ‘Byron Bay Salt Haze‘.

The traditional tones have a way of feeling timeless and iconic while creating an effortless atmosphere at home.

Selecting the generous 44 x 66″ extra large size makes the print a magnet for the eye, setting the relaxed coastal living vibe for the entire living space.

Above left: There is something so timeless about a wooden sailboat on the ocean and ‘Tasman Seabird 1960‘ is filled with nostalgic seafaring charm/ Above right: By hanging an extra large size print in a small dining room the space appears larger than what it is.

I love how nostalgic and old school ‘Tasman Seabird 1960‘ feels. It’s that quintessential seafaring charm of the high seas, and it was the perfect choice for the dining room space.

Tip: If you have a tight dining room space, a clever trick is to hang a vertical extra large print on the walls, to convince the eye there is more space than what there really is. The perfect play on scale.

Above left: A wider shot if the interior at Stay Casita / Above right: The clever and very practical reading nook, with a ‘Underwater Frolic‘ in the small 11 x14″ size.

I love seeing a nook space utilised with a smaller photographic piece. Smaller pieces add so much dimension to otherwise blank areas and can work magic in tight and unusual spaces.

Underwater Frolic‘ in my 11 x 14″ size adds just the right amount of dimension without overcrowding the casual sitting nook.

What I love the most about this size is that it’s an intimate size, it makes you want to walk up closer to it for a better look and take in the details of the work.

Above: ‘Underwater Frolic‘ has such a spirited and carefree feel to it. I stare at this print and long to feel that water all over me.

If you too would like help selecting photographic prints for your rooms please let me know, I would love to help.

I offer a complimentary Print Styling Service to help guide you through your decisions and the atmosphere you would like to create at home.

You can find my Print Styling Service here and also my best sellers, coastal prints and classic black and white photographic prints all in my print shop.

Kara x

** Photographs of the interiors are courtesy of Stay Casita


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