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Motherhood, with my mum and daughter

Above left: The botanic gardens looking very ‘secret garden’ last week with the camellias blooming, this image is now available as a limited edition photographic print entitled ‘Enchanted Camellia’. / Above right: Edie and I enjoying the morning together in nature and having a giggle.

I can understand now why gardens are such special places for mothers. Whenever I have a day off from the studio I love escaping to the botanic gardens with my daughter.

Last week I took my mother and daughter Edie to my favourite spot there to spend a morning together, in nature exploring.

With all the pink camellias in bloom, it felt like such a hidden and enchanted sanctuary, away from it all.

Above left: Mum, Edie and I, the gardens looking so full and abundant / Above right: The camellias in bloom, like a wall of lipstick pink.

The birds were calling and the native bees were buzzing around the flowers and it just felt really special to be there together. It reminded me how fortunate I am to have my little girl and my mum, and also another little baby on the way.

Inspired by the camellias in the garden, I’ve released two new sentimental keepsakes into the shop just in time for Mother’s Day, a new tea towel and new a gift box print. I think so many of us have heartfelt feeling and memories towards camellias, they always bloom just in time for Mothers Day and they are classic home garden flowers.

I’ve also shared some thoughts on motherhood below, and I’ve made an edit of some of my favourite pieces for Mother’s Day.

Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day. It can be a deeply difficult day for many, for personal reasons of loss, hope, confusion, grief and more, so remember to be kind to yourselves and take the day slowly.

Above left: The beautiful abstract nature of a camellia flower / Above right: My mum showing Edie the flowers and teaching her to ‘be gentle’.

Prior to having kids, what did you think motherhood would be like?

From afar motherhood looked very fast-paced, which it absolutely is. It wasn’t something I wanted to do just yet, it felt like something I would ‘do later’ or something that would find me when I was ready. And in a way, it did happen like that.

During 2020, the Covid lockdown made me look at my life in a very honest way, without any work demands or crazy deadlines to distract me. I realised that becoming a mother was something I truly wanted to do and something I wanted to experience in my lifetime.

If that lockdown didn’t happen I think I would have missed the opportunity to become a mother.

Above left: A little tickle on Edie’s bare feet / Above right: I love it when the seasons start to turn and it begins to feel cooler here.

Above left: These sorts of days are so precious, I crave our time together / Above right: Edie has just started to stand up on her own, which is really exciting, so walking won’t be too far away.

What’s something that surprised you about motherhood?

How much I love it. I really didn’t know how I would adjust to motherhood, but strangely I didn’t have to adjust at all, it just became a way of life, our new home life. Each day feels like a mixture of firsts; utter heart bursting joy, mixed with complete exhaustion, and I couldn’t be happier.

Above left: I think camellias mean so much to so many people. They are a sentimental garden bloom and always appear just in time for Mother’s Day here in Australia / Above right: Edie being cheeky with a camellia.

Above left: It’s such a gift to enter the gardens and let the pressures of real life float away and just be present and in the moment / Above right: Edie and I exploring the blooming camellia bush.

How have your creative pursuits been influenced by motherhood?

I’ve always created with nature as my purpose, but now that connection to nature feels even stronger since becoming a mother. Nature is woven throughout all of my daily decisions, from what I feed my daughter, to the experiences we explore together, to how I explain and teach her about life, and especially the urge to protect nature. Everything comes back to nature.

My work is an extension of me and what I see. That desire to stay open and be in the moment, always noticing the beauty around me. Nature’s influence is a constant inspiration for my photographic print collections.

Above left: Taking polaroids of Mum and Edie to remember the day by / Above right: Being silly and looking at Edie.

Above left: I love this photograph so much, my mothers hands, with all her favourite jewellery  / Above right: Mum and Edie, they get along so well and I just love how patient and gentle Mum is with her.

A decorating tip you have learnt from your mother and how your mother has influenced your interior style along the way?

My mum runs a tight ship when it comes to home life. Growing up we always had a beautiful and vibrant home, full of colour and boldness. Looking back the interior style wasn’t expensive, but what made it look like a million dollars was that Mum always looked after what she had.

The cushions would be plumped, the carpet immaculately vacuumed and every vase would be filled with cheerful pink fake flowers (it was the 1980’s). Mum kept our home neat and tidy, but most of all it always felt restful and comforting.

Mum’s sense of comfort is what has influenced my interior style along the way, making sure home always feels restful and familiar, yet kept in order…. and I also make sure I plump the cushions on the sofa before bedtime, to make them nice for the next day :)

Above left:  Mum, Edie and I, plus the new baby in my tummy / Above right: Out of focus, how some days feel.

Above: The beautiful blanket of camellia blooms, such a special sight to see. This is now a photographic print in my shop, it’s titled ‘Secret Garden


Hope you enjoyed this photo essay in the camellias.

Sending you love,

Kara x

PS: I’ve just released a new print into the shop, capturing those memories of innocent days playing in the garden, running barefoot on the damp grass, to the sound of high pitched laughter and squeals. Curious little fingers would discover the blooming camellia buds and pick and feel the velvety petals while playing make believe. ‘Secret Garden’ is available and in a limited edition for more click here.

PSS: If you ever see a photograph that you like which I don’t have available in my shop, just let me know, I can always make it available for you in all my sizes.


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