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Change of The Seasons

I love this time of year when the mornings are cooler and the days are that bit more dramatic, with southerly winds blowing and wild seas roarings.

Surprisingly I love to get out into the outdoor elements and feel the cool fresh wind whip across my skin and taste the salt on the air.

I love to read and listen to the changes of the landscape and understand what this means from a deeper perspective.

Above left: Heading down to the beach with Edie on my hip and my favourite hat / Above right: The dune grass rejuvenating new sand dunes.

Above left: Cheeky little moments with Edie while it’s just her and I, before the new baby arrives / Above right: Finding natural treasures along our walk.

Bringing Edie down to the beach is something I find particularly special. Introducing her to so much newness and watching her blossom and learn.

Her curiosity in what we find along the sand is so heartwarming. Just watching her joy in the simplest of discoveries fills me with happiness. An eagle flying over high above us, or touching a piece of rough pumice.

There is always something new to discover.

Above left: It’s incredible how babies learn so much through the sense of touch, and that’s why they want to touch everything/ Above right: A rough piece of pumice found along our walk.

Above left: Looking up at the cliff of Point Lookout / Above right: Mysterious driftwood teepees dot the beach, always such a joy to see.

I love coming across these driftwood teepees. I don’t know who makes them, but they are such a surprise to see along the tideline. Such primitive structures.

The teepees get washed away when the ocean’s forces are strong on high tide, only to be mysteriously rebuilt again, time after time.

Above left: Sweet cuddles before heading home for Edie’s sleep time / Above right: These ordinary little moments are the ones I treasure the most.

I’m making the most of my days with Edie at the moment before the new baby arrives. Lots of cuddles and giggles and time spent together.

The new baby is due any day now. It’s a bit daunting thinking about how life is about to change, but it’s also incredibly exciting. I’m so grateful to be able to give Edie the gift of a sibling and to be able to experience those newborn days again.

Above left: There are a lot of weathered and silvered trees trunks and driftwood which line stretches of the island / Above right: I love the sound of her laugh so much.

With so much wet weather and powerful tides the local beach landscape has changed forms. New tracks have appeared and sand dunes have blown higher.

Watching the landscape change is a good reminder that nothing stays the same and nature is constantly changing and evolving.

Above: Whenever the weather turns I love to come to this rocky outcrop and watch the power of the sea.

Above: Even when it’s moody and stormy, the coastline of the island is still so beautiful.

This time of year sees the migration of sea mullet into Moreton Bay.

The local indigenous people of Quandamooka Country read the country and they watch for the changes around them.

This time of year they know that once they see hairy grubs travelling linked in a long row together that the sea mullet are moving up the east coast, and the mullet season is about to begin.

Above left: The beauty of the native grass trees, these are everywhere on the island / Above right: Screeching lorikeets fill the sky, indicating a good mullet season.

While, if the lorikeets are plentiful in the sky it means it will be an abundant season for mullet. If they aren’t plentiful it may be a less than ordinary season.

I love these nods to country and being able to read the seasons and signs. It just makes so much sense.

Above left: Staying warm in my favourite new knit / Above right: A little pandanus fruit hidden in amongst the leaves. I love to bring the fruit back to the house use them as decoration on the coffee table and on the dining table.

There is nothing I love more than rugging up in a chunky fishermans knit at this time of year. I just adore them.

This one is a new favourite by Little Tienda and is actually an oversized cardigan, which is made from natural merino and feels so soft.

Above left: The banksias are in bloom on the island / Above right: Gathering an armful of flowers. They last for weeks in vases if you keep the water topped up.

The banksias are in bloom during the cooler months and I always make sure to appreciate their beauty while out driving or walking the back tracks of the beach.

I love to trim a few and bring them back to the house and place them in vases around the home. Connecting what’s local and native and bringing that inside also makes for a deeper connection and appreciation for the landscape.

Above left: This is actually my favourite candle to light, the entrance candle at home. I love how it feels so welcoming / Above right: Bits and pieces on the dining room table, including some newly covered lampshades and a granite bench top sample for our new kitchen and my favourite Kitchen Mills (they are are too stylish to hide away in a cupboard).

I have had some vintage lampshades recovered for the coming new kitchen.  I want the kitchen to feel softened by having really lovely lights, as opposed to task lighting.

I’ve also been carrying the granite sample of the benchtops around everywhere I go and admiring it. I can’t wait to show you the whole kitchen when it’s installed.

Above left: Making a fish stock from a fish frame for the Fishermans Stew / Above right: The comforts of a homemade Fishermans Stew with crusty bread, using my favourite Stoneware Mug, Plate and sunny Marigold Napkins.

I always crave Fishermans Stew this time of year. I think it’s the fragrance of salt on the air from the pounding waves. It always tastes so nourishing and comforting with crusty bread and served in this mug which makes the perfect ‘mug hug’ for your hands.

It’s such a simple recipe to bring together and you can either bulk it up with more seafood or pair it back. depending on what you have available. I decided to make my own stock this time round using a fish frame and some herbs and lemon.

Above left: This mug makes for the perfect ‘mug hug’ / Above right: The Fisherman’s Stew recipe card, perfect for this time of year.

Above left: Having candles along the mantle is such a must / Above right: The roaring fire, listening to it sizzle and crackle.

This time of year always means the nightly ritual of lighting candles and watching them flicker. Beeswax are the absolute best, as they illuminate with the most golden pure light.

While out walking we collect wood and dried banksia pods to use as fire lighters and have nightly fires during the cooler months. The fragrance of the beeswax and the firewood is such a calming way to end the day.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into island life in winter and I hope you have a chance to try the Fishermans Stew, you won’t be disappointed.

Kara x


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