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Editorial Client

Australian Womens Weekly Magazine

Landscape and interiors feature for Australian Womens Weekly Magazine on the battle to save Australian poet Dorothea Mackellar’s family property ‘Kurrumbede’ from a mining giant.

Situated just north of Gunnedah, on the fertile plains of the Namoi River, New South Wales.

This property was the heart of her iconic poem ‘My Country’ and is Australia’s most famous poem and the photographs reflect the poems strong visuals.

 “I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains”.

Interiors, landscape & portrait photographic work.

Above left: The landscape on the outskirts of Gunnedah, NSW / Above right: Driving through the region.

Above left: The plains of ‘Kurrumbede’  / Above right: The arid red earth.

Above: The road to ‘Kurrumbede’.

Above left: The drought ridden red earth / Above right: A flock of cockatoos fly over the stables at ‘Kurrumbede’.

Above left: An outbuilding on ‘Kurrumbede’/ Above right: An interior of an outbuilding on ‘Kurrumbede’

Above left: The view out from through the flyscreen/ Above right: An old kitchen in one of the outbuildings of ‘Kurrumbede’.

Above: An interior of one of the abandoned outbuildings of ‘Kurrumbede’.

Above left: AN old jacket in the stables of ‘Kurrumbede’ / Above right: Pip Murray, one of the individuals trying to save the property and the history of ‘Kurrumbede’.

Above left: Old paint in one of the bathrooms of an outbuilding/ Above right: An old bathroom in one of the outbuildings at ‘Kurrumbede’.

Above: A flock of cockatoos fly over the property in the midday sun.

Above left: The interior of Olympic swimmer Boy Charlton’s shack / Above right: The exterior of Boy Charlton’s shack on ‘Kurrumbede’.

Above: Dusk on ‘Kurrumbede’.

Above: The drive out from ‘Kurrumbede’.

Above: Sunset on ‘Kurrumbede’.

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