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Beautifully Unmade

Growing up my mother had this rule that once the beds were made first thing in the morning, you could never sit back down, let alone lay down on the bed again until the coming evening. You and the bed were strictly done for the day. I think this is where my curiosity and also my guilt with unmade beds developed. From time to time I have pushed the guilt aside and not made the bed, in an attempt to mix things up and to live a bit loose and admire the beauty of an unmade bed… however it never lasts. I have always found myself full of guilt by 10am, scampering back in to the bedroom, doing the hospital tucks, doing the folds and doing the pillows. Maybe I should stay at Lynda Gardener’s 1850’s brick miners cottage ‘The White House’ in Daylesford to detox my unmade bed guilt…
vR x


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