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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Isle of White

White is often dubbed the ‘safe option’ when it comes to decorating which really surprises me, as she can often be one cranky stubborn mule to work with! What is often over looked is actually how complicated white is to get right.
A tip is to know your whites and to know which white is right for you!
Whites can be divided into two simple categories: cool whites and warm whites.
Cool whites have a subtle blue undertone and appear bright and cool. When used in a warm, bright area, cool whites feel tranquil and inviting rather than stark and clinical.
Warm whites have a subtle yellow or pink undertone. Many heritage or country style interiors feature warm whites as they work in harmony with rich timber finishes and other ‘country’ colours such as two of my personal favs dusky pink and duck egg blue.
As a cool white devotee I always recommend using a wide variety of different textures to add interest to an all white scheme. Choosing textured furnishings and decorative objects in several tonal variations adds layers depth to any room.
LOve White
Above is a collection of sample images from a recent kitchen project.
Kitchens and White go together like Salt and Pepper!
vR x


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