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Big City Life

Ah, big city life, I must admit I do love it. Sydney is such a superb city offering a diverse array of offerings. So much so that one could almost be forgiven to find themselves at a loss when it comes to the age old question… ‘Where are we going to eat tonight?’
** Scroll down to the bottom for the short answer.
Thought I would share some absolute diamond recommendations on where to dine in Sydney. These come from Sibella of whom I had the great fortune to catch up with.
First on the list is El Loco. A pop up Mexican Cantina in the Excelsior Hotel in Surry Hills. Pure genius! The best taco’s I have ever eaten (seriously), plus they are a cool $5! Hurry, it is called a pop up for a reason people.
Next is the Beresford, also in Surry Hills. Perfect for both pre dinner drinks and also dining. Timothy O relished the $5 pints from 5 til 7pm (so much so that we found ourselves there the following evening!) and then we dined in the Trattoria at the back of the bar.
Ms G’s is a modern Asian experience in Potts Point. The title is a play on MSG. Lots of fun!
My absolute favourite, The Commons Local Eating House in Darlinghurst. Impeccable service and exquisite food, plus rocking Whiskey Sours downstairs! I could very happily live there.
For a cheeky pastry breakfast try Bourke Street Bakery. Actually, don’t just ‘try’, you absolutely must! You could be deceived in thinking you are in Paris with the quality of their Pain au Chocolat!
The short answer to ‘Where are we going to eat tonight?’….. no where if you don’t book!
K x


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