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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Cutlery Calmness

Over the weekend a girlfriend of mine asked how wide our new oversized kitchen drawers were, as she is redoing her own kitchen. It got me thinking about how the small details and choices we make for such hard working areas really matter.
Above are two shots of our drawers, the top one is what I call the ‘daily’ drawer for obvious reasons and the second drawer down is what I call the ‘chefs’ drawer (not that there are any chefs in our house, its just a bit more hard core.) Everything is in there that we need, grouped together either by job or by handle finish (wood/plastic) and easy to see.
Time to be honest. Our drawers never used to look like this – they were an overflowing utensil disaster, so much so that I was embarrassed to get cutlery out when people dropped by.
However, the key is a good quality cutlery organiser. I swear by these ones. I love them! They are available through Howards Storage World and are extendable to fit almost any width.
Go, treat yourself, it will make you smile next time you open your drawers!
Incase you were wondering, yes, I am a virgo.


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2 Comments to “Cutlery Calmness”

  1. Such a pleasure to find a fellow Virgo! not that my drawers can bear inspection.
    I am quite proud of something I think I invented – the sharp drawer. I keep my favorite knives in a knife slot, but the others, plus odd and lethal things like my ceramic mandoline, have a drawer all their own, to make rummaging in the 'chef's drawer' – ahem – less painful.

  2. Tricia – how are you? So lovely of you to drop by. I like the sound of this 'sharp' drawer of yours – after a couple of glasses of wine the kitchen can become a very dangerous place – fire, knives, heat!. I so often think of you in your gorgeous duck hunting shack!

    Kara x

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