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Bonnie Doon!

© Kara Rosenlund
The birthday festivities just keep rolling on here! We are off to Bonnie Doon* (as my friend Sally affectionately calls it) for a few days of fresh beach air and a good dose of sunshine.
A big thank you to all of our lovely friends and customers who braved that crazy wild wind and came by on Saturday to wish me a happy birthday – I felt very special… and a little wind chaffed too. Thank you Noemi for the gorgeous cake!
K xx

** Bonnie Doon is a holiday destination in the 1990’s Australia film ‘The Castle’.


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One Comment to “Bonnie Doon!”

  1. Bonnie Doon!!!!! I hope you guys have a fab time – say hi to the whales and dolphin for us that you can see from your bedroom window!!! Aaaahh the serenity!

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