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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Blooming Glory

©Kara Rosenlund
I always like to keep this blog upbeat and push it as a little ‘sanctuary’ of happiness and inspiration, however as real life goes, some days are better than others
Above are some wonderful original medicinal bottles that I have recently sourced for ‘Travelling Wares’ which I have placed a beautiful garden rose in all it’s blooming glory. The rose belongs to our older neighbour Dot, who it seems has the onsets of dementia and is currently in hospital.
Since arriving back from London and moving into our cottage, Timothy O and I have often enjoyed having an ‘over the garden fence’ yarn with Dot. We are always working on a project and she likes to see progress and activity. She lives alone and never married or had children. She keeps a stunning garden and everything runs like clockwork. I always keep an eye out for Dot, I know her schedule as though it was my own. Mondays are for cleaning and washing, Tuesdays are golf (weather permitting), Wednesdays are spent in the garden and so on… her weekly high lights are mass on Saturdays and watching the rugby league in winter.
Naturally with age our conversations together are repetitive, always about her childhood on the farm, though Timothy O and I are patient and ask questions, already knowing the answers.
I have been to the hospital to see Dot and even in her smiling charm I can tell she doesn’t really know who I am. I keep looking out my kitchen window hoping that her front door will soon be open, though I don’t think Dot is coming back home.
K xx
K xx


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5 Comments to “Blooming Glory”

  1. Getting older really isn't for the fainthearted. I am so sorry about Dot – I know what it is like to have someone you know become unable to deal with their lives. Perhaps a lovely shopping trip with a friend is on order? There could be cake too!

  2. Oh Kara you're a kind hearted soul! Dot's lucky to have neighbors like you keeping an eye out for her & appreciating her garden. X x

  3. They are aren't they Sneaky Magpie! Society doesn't like to nurture the old. I think it makes people too uncomfortable. Very sad.

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