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©Kara Rosenlund
As many of you know, part of what I do is to seek out unusual and old world objects and bring them to you each Travelling Wares market – a modern hunter and gatherer if you like.
Sometimes this is what happens…. I recently had the pleasure of having a chat with someone who knew someone who had a great aunt… who had a mother who was a hoarder… follow ?.. the hoarder in question (the great grandmother) had a great grandson who had inherited the ‘hoard’ and was eager to release it…. **heart starts to beat very fast**……
So, this Saturday I give you the ‘hoard’ – jars full of curated shell collections, piles of sailors linen, old tools, empty old thick glass jars, cooling racks, plates, chopping boards, baking tins, silver cutlery, messes and masses of tangled twine, books and more.
See you Saturday.
K xx
P.S. the word hoarder is such a nasty word…. ‘Fine Collector of All’ is what I much prefer.


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2 Comments to “Hoarders”

  1. Doesn't the word collector mean, by its very nature, applying a discerning eye to the things one collects? In which case you can't do that with everything now can you? Well at least most of us can't. I'm pretty sure you could collect anything and it would be beautiful. xx

  2. I think it is more of a play on words really, a bit of tongue in cheek! Ever since I was little I have often been called a hoarder, though its not true, Im not a compulsive hoarder and plus i actually share my bits…. apparently this would break most hoarders hearts. haha x

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