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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

In amongst the craziness which is our floors renovations (soon to be over) I have been stumbling (literally) across ten years worth of books and magazines that I had archived in my reference library.  One of these rediscoveries is an all time favourite – Albertus Seba’s ‘Cabinet of Natural Curiosities’, an absolute pearl of a book. I trawled through it from cover to cover last night and I even identified a flying stick insect that flew through the house – Phasmatodea, Walking Sticks. I won’t be encouraging him back, I’m not so down with flying stick creatures. They are crazy!

K x


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4 Comments to “Cabinet of Natural Curiosities”

  1. I hate stick insects too! They freak me out. I remember at school having to catch and kill and display a series of insects for biology. It was pretty gruesome and, quite possibly, the reason I have a vegetarian! The floors are looking super, BTW, I can see them popping out from behind the book…can not wait for the big reveal!!!!

  2. Haha! Good detective work there Sally! Haha! I’m pretty sure these floors will be popping up all over the place… I can’t stop looking at them! I think we may even be moving back into the bedroom tonight! No more kitchen floor slumbers! xxx

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