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Shanty Town Living

©Kara Rosenlund
I am so close to finishing I can hardly believe it! Above is the living room, complete with my support team Esther and Rocco, the finches. I am three bedrooms down and only have the living room and hallway left. Just a few more days and life should be back to normal. No more shanty town living! 
Talk soon!
K xx


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8 Comments to “Shanty Town Living”

  1. Yippee! Had Rocco been singing for you? A little tune to carry you through the home stretch! I hope so…here's to the final countdown! I should also say that I have just finished vacuuming my floors for the third time this week – are you REALLY sure you want to go white???? xx

  2. Hahahaha…. I was just thinking that yesterday when I was in my vibrating sanding world of pain…. was going to write a post about white floors being overrated…. though I thought I shouldn't do that, because its not true (i hope)….. Rocco, Rocco.. Rocco I swear is a MUTE! He has nothing on poor Sergio! RIP lil Sergio. Sergio probably knew what I was up to and thought, bugger this, Im out of here, Im not putting up with more renovations! I secretly think Rocco is a girl!

  3. Sure will be!!! Very much looking forward to a break…. Though it will probably lead to another project won't it Timothy O. X

  4. You are doing it so fast! We are always doing some DIY and our house seems so far from being finished. Probably when it's done we will need a bigger space ha.

  5. I know Aga! I feel the same! We are always saying that we bet once we finish it we will probably decide we need a larger house…. and have to start all over again! xxxxx

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