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When Caravanning turns Sour

I’m not sure where to begin with this post… so let’s just begin at the beginning…. make yourself a cup of tea… it’s a long post today….

I woke with a bit of anxiety about our little caravan trip away, you know in the pit of your tummy that churns when something is about to happen that could be unexpected, well, let’s just say that that spot was churning. Will Frankie behave… will there be an unexpected travelling occurrence…. what if something happens on the road… have I forgotten something… I got dressed and decided to wear a ‘proper outfit’ on our journey, I told myself that not everyone knows you are beach bound, so best not to wear the frilly bikini flip flop beach attire just yet…. incase, you know, ‘something happens’… not sure why I was so full of doubt, however looking back instincts are in us all for good reason….

After final preparation of caravanning bits (you need a lot of bits!) we did a last minute check of Frankie and low and behold a sad looking poor excuse of a flat tyre was staring us both in the face….. DANG! That’s ok, it’s just a flat, we can handle this one…Just put on the spare…. Frankie 0 – Us 1. On the road……

So, driving along on the highway as you do, clearly seeing mirages of rolling surf and Pina Colada’s with pretty paper umbrellas, when all of a sudden it sounds like Chopper Read has let fire from his Harley Davidson behind us and things go way wrong real quick.… our tyre has blown….more like exploded…. and we have no spare…. Frankie 100 000 – Us 1.

Ok…. stuck on the M1 highway with a caravan with one wheel down and no spare… not so good. Lots of things are running through my head about now, however one of the first was ‘Lucky I wore the ‘preparation’ outfit and not the beach frilly one’. Before you know it, this amazing man called Richard appears from nowhere with flashing orange lights on his car and wearing high vis… I thought ‘Is this too a mirage like the Pina Coladas…’- No, he was from Road Side Assist; how amazing! Gotta love a man in a high vis outfit, they always seem to know what they are doing.

Richard was great! Before we knew it (well, we did manage to get scorched with sunburn, so it wasn’t that fast) we had a tow truck on the spot to tow Frankie where ever we wanted to take her….over a cliff?  Richard also gave me a lucky one dollar coin, he must of sensed that I was one of those types of girls who probably need a bit of extra luck in life,  always pushing their luck doing silly things like this…

So, here we are, no closer to our much needed holiday than yesterday. We will get back in the saddle and grab ourselves some more wheels (literally) today… It was actually really sad following the tow truck back home. Looking at my beautiful mess on the back of the truck, with my name sign written all over it,  thinking about the much needed holiday for Timothy O and I that was well over due, that just didn’t happen…. why… because of me… I am always in pursuit to do things differently and usually differently always means harder, much harder. I’m sorry Timothy O, life with me can some days be way too eventful.

I think I may need more of those lucky dollars Richard, one just wasn’t enough.

K x


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13 Comments to “When Caravanning turns Sour”

  1. A different life led is one full of adventures and possibility. Sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad! Frankie was just testing her love for you and know that she knows you won’t push her over a cliff, she will behave beautifully. Isn’t always what us girls do? Test the ones we love? xxx

  2. Kara! Thank goodness you are alright and that Frankie is able to get back on the road.
    Do you know what I love about that post? Even in an unexpected unwanted moment you manage to take and make the post look beautiful and colour co-ordinated!
    Enjoy the holiday – when you get there.
    Amy x

  3. These experiences are the ones that you tell at dinner parties and have a laugh. Or tell the kids each time you pile them in the car when you head off on holidays!

  4. Oh No.. Frankie did certainly act up.. Perhaps she in fact was in fact a fan of the frilly bikini flip flop beach attire?! I’d wear that next time (Just in case) + take a spare.. She knows you love her really but like children i hear caravans like to push the boundaries too.. x

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