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Weekend in Pictures

Attaching the caravan at 3.30am… ohdear.

The queue of farmers and vendors waiting to get into the grounds

Hello Sunrise

Our digs

Gympie Goat’s Cheese from the Farmers Market

Snapper from Butcher Boy

Into the fire for the snapper.

Getting some native foliage ready for the our stand at the antique fair

The madness that was Aladdin’s Fair

Our stand

New Finds

Old shell jewellery box

Timothy O’s vinyl

Weekend in pictures…. let’s just say it was a busy one, market madness. One thing I love about getting up really early for the market is to see the sunrise… that quiet time before the crowds descend on the market and I have set up the tables…I can just listen to the birds and watch the sky turn warm…. another thing I love about the market is the produce. We usually like to buy something to go in the wood fire oven from the market for that night; this week it was snapper with fennel tops… amazing.

Yesterday. it was Aladdin’s Fair… we had such a blast and found a few little delights for ourselves too. An old shell jewellery box and hat block for me and a few good vinyls for Timothy O. Thank you all for coming by… and hello to our new friends! You can follow us on facebook too! here.

…. I’m off to paint a wonderous midnight sea in a little boys’ room today.

What did you get up to?

K x


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10 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Wow.. I totes enjoying these posts too.. Slightly voyeuristic maybe? Ha! We are putting together our little boys room.. I got some wallpaper from Ferm living + we painted the other 3 walls a beautiful grey.. Thought it would turn out lighter but Opps.. (Hence why they probably invented test patches!) We have a cool Marimekko Zoo print for the wall and a Moroccan Pouffe + a cool striped cushion from CR and this wicket Moroccan woven basket for his toys but i was after a “Vintage/cool” look and I’m not sure how to tilt it towards that.. Do you have any vintage cabinets? Anyways.. That was our weekend.. I keep going in there just to sit and imagine what it’s going to look like at thee end! Until then he still sleeping in our room.. xx

    • Haha! Love it Katherine! It’s a great feeling walking into the ‘project’ room and looking about and seeing it come together. The room sounds fantastic! I have such a penchant for moroccan woven baskets. I bet your shade of grey is even better than the predictable soft grey! K x

  2. Looks great! I can’t believe the size of the Aladin’s Market. I’ll have to check that out at some point. My weekend was spent neck high in packing boxes! 3 more days to go…

  3. frankie is too cute…you have a most beautiful market stall…. love the colours and textures …really would love to see it for real one day…thanks for lovely site and blog …

  4. I so wish we had markets like that in Adelaide – many years ago we used to have the most amazing under cover one but sadly it was lost when developers moved in. Makes me very envious – perhaps you could drive your little caravan across the borders to us one day?

    • …. maybe one day Jane… I have a wonderful friend in SA who I am just itching to see! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! K xxx

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