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New Zealand Tips & Tricks

So, I’m doing ‘honeymoon’ research…. after weighing up the pro’s and con’s about having a European honeymoon, Timothy O and I have decided that New Zealand is where it’s at… South Island in particular!

So I need tips and tricks folks…. we are flying into Queenstown….the only thing booked so far is lunch at Fleurs Place in Otago and a glass of white wine up in the Marlborough Sounds.

What’s not to be missed?

K x


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14 Comments to “New Zealand Tips & Tricks”

  1. Have never been there myself but I keep being told that Akaroa is a lovely town! If you happen to stumble upon the north island somehow you are very welcome to stop by our house :)

    • Thank you Audrey! I’ll put it on the list
      I do wish we were coming to the North Island…. I would of loved to come by for a cuppa! x

  2. When are you going? The weather makes a difference!
    The Cardrona Pub (just out of gorgeous Wanaka) on the Crown Range road is a definite must. They even have accommodation!


  3. ohhhh darling, i was sooooo hoping you gonna come to europe!!!! maybe you find another excuse for a quick trip? :) xxxx

    • I absolutely promise that you will be seeing us within the next year Gorgeous. What is your new email address? Is it a new one? Thinking of you guys! Lots of love! K xxxx

  4. Lucky you! I was a Queenstown local until recently. Don’t miss:
    -Amisfield winery (on the way to Arrowtown).
    -The Bunker restaurant/Cocktail bar (Queenstown) for old school cool.
    -A helicopter ride with ‘Over the Top’ from Queenstown up to Cecil Peak or if you’ve got a bit of money to burn to Milford Sound and back.
    -A drive to Glenorchy (lots of beautiful scenery).
    -Skiing! (If you’re into it).
    Kara, any chance you’ll be posting some more pics of your beautiful floorboards, maybe with the furniture back in? I have been wanting to use PP woodwash but need help convincing my other half it doesn’t look stark…;0

    • Thanks Kati! Glenorchy, I keep hearing Glenorchy! Will have to check this out! Ha!
      I think I will do a step by step sanding post in the next couple of weeks when I do the new room Kati. I’m sure this will help convince your other half. I will do lots of pictures. x

  5. You would love Dunedin. Historic buildings. Real uni student town. And Port Chalmers. Great junk shops. Bring featherdown jackets. It will be cold. Gloves, hats. If you come to Wellington you can stay at my cottage in Greytown (Birdy Cottage, payment in wine). Wellington is where it’s at. I know you will want to ‘trawl’. I know where all the places are.

    • Sounds absolutely perfect Deborah… you can read me like a book! I think I will have to be in touch! …. soon……Thank you! xxxx

  6. Driving into the Milford Sound and up the west coast is not to be missed!
    Rata restaurant in Queenstown looks lovely. Vesta Design there is a nice wee shop to visit too.

    As well as Fleurs place, the loan and merc (Fleurs other restaurant) in Oamaru is good too. Good secondhand shopping in Oamaru too!

    Pegasus bay winery in waipara does amazing wines and has a lovely restaurant.

    • Hi Alice! Great to hear from you! We went to Fleurs and had a really great time! We practically had the place to ourselves! We went to The Loan and Merc though it appeared as though it has closed down. Rather sad. Gosh Oamaru was a great little town. We arrived way too early for anything to be open, though we had a good time looking around at the old architecture! x

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