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©Kara Rosenlund

Sometimes blogging can be tough… seriously! You have to find the time to do it first, then you have to find your voice, that chitty chatty little voice inside your head, then you have to listen to that chitty chatty voice and hope that someone else out there likes listening to it. Then, if you are anything like me you dart around the house like a mad woman trying to find interesting things to photograph to show the lovely people who stop by the blog. Then there are the comments, ah, don’t even go there with the comments.

So, this morning I thought I would show you what I saw first thing this morning from bed. My collection of large bottles or carbuoys above the linen press…

Yup, bloggin sure can be tough!

Market this Saturday! Come!

K x


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10 Comments to “Morning”

  1. I’m just a little bit in love with your blog and that linen press. We were over your way last night…should have stopped by. Then we would both have something to blog about! xx

    • Maria, I have sort of gone off Facebook lately…. too many things changing all the time…. I can’t keep up! hahaha xxx

  2. oh, i might just borrow your carbuoy idea! i have one floating around that needs a home, and on top of the bedroom cupboard would be the perfect spot. so very glad you found your blogging voice this morning! (but ps. i know what you mean, it can be tricky. this time of year is always so full on as well. if only the summer holidays would come back!)

      • Kellie – That is so sweet of you to say. Of course I want to reply!
        I’m so please you find my blog honest. I try really hard to just tell it how it is and hope people get it and can identify in some small way. If I can motivate or even inspire (whoa, thats a heavy word!) people who glance at my blog than that’s even better! Thank you, Kara x

  3. It’s so tough sometimes, yet another thing on the long list. But it’s so enjoyable once you get to do it, and even better when you get to meet other bloggers for tea!

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