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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Online Shop Opening Friday

Are you excited? I’m excited! I have been madly photographing bits and bob, measuring lengths and heights and rummaging through my cupboards looking for more treasure to spoil you with!

Swing by Friday at 9.00am when I open the doors to the online shop!

K x


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4 Comments to “Online Shop Opening Friday”

  1. Yay! So excited for you!! I cannot wait to have a look and buy (of coarse) We just got a wonderful delivery from you.. Thank you so much! When i showed Hunter the feathers he actually said “coco”!! I couldn’t believe it.. He must have remembered from all the times i show him the pictures of your girls.. Too cute.. x

    • Hunter is just too cute for words Bohemian Hunter!… and very clever So pleased he liked the feathers… can’t believe he knew they were Coco’s! xxx

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