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Round Up

The Design Files Feature
Daily Imprint Feature

What a day yesterday was…. did you check out the ‘New Arrivals’ in the shop?…. I’m always a bit nervous once I hit ‘Go Live’ on the shop site, hoping that you will like my new finds….

To top things off Travelling Wares was featured on both of Australia’s top and leading design blogs yesterday – The Design Files (you may remember our house was featured last year) and also Daily Imprint. Both blogs are held in such high regard by design lovers and I have been such an avid reader of both for such a long time. I still can’t believe our little humble caravan was mixing it up with the cool kids of the art and design crowd. Thank you so much Lucy Feagins of TDF and Natalie Walton of Daily Imprint.

Now, back to work…. we have a market THIS Saturday… I better get my skates on and pack up the online orders and get ready for Saturday! I think it will be a good one!

K x


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