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Weekend in Pictures

Our friend Adam Finch came to visit us at the market and took this great shot of Frankie. I love the dappled light.

Overflowing table full of stock. We tend to sometimes look a bit messy, though I think that gets people excited.

White cookware and pudding bowls – my favourite.

Home, I arranged my new tree peonies from the market on our butchers block. We are shifting a whole bunch of outdoor furniture around as we are mid deck sanding, so the butchers block is inside and I’m kinda liking it inside too… I’m considering promoting it to being an inside piece of furniture. ha.

I made a little grazing plate for Timothy O and I of some bits we picked up at the market.

The blanket that took me down – Yup, it was all over too soon for me…. all it took was a cool breeze and a comfy blanket and I feel asleep at 3.30pm and slept right through til 5am. I love the market, though it can be really exhausting, especially on a hot day…. and it was a hot one – I even got burnt lips!

Since the sun is rising earlier my days start at sunrise – usually 5am. The girls cackle really loudly to be fed and let out of their pen… so every morning I go down in my pyjamas staggering about in the backyard to let them out  chickens – think long and hard about getting ’em before you get them, it’s not all fun and feathers!

Spoilt feather bombs!

I then headed to my local farmers market for some seedlings.

… and came home with this… Found some new treasures unexpectedly – including this trophy head…

…. and this old barley twist candlestick…

… and some old milk bottles and a great measuring cup – I’m thinking that might come in handy for summertime gin and tonics (really need to start measuring how much gin I put in…)

Pretty cosmos for the garden! 7 for $10 – bargain!. I have bought these two weekends in a row now.

The thing is with chickens is that they always think that all of your garden pursuits,  actually ALL of your pursuits are just for them. You plant something and they think – ‘thanks, how thoughful of you! I’m going to sit on it and then dig it back up and then sit on it again and dust bath in the hole you just dug…. right now!’ Lucky they are cute!

Silverbeet going in.

Sedum for my current sedum addiction. We have sedum everywhere. My next project is to cover the hen house roof in it too… addicted see. Kevin McCloud would approve.

Afternoon tea – an old fashion lemon sponge from the farmers market, baked by someone’s grandma somewhere.

Then when the sun started to go behind the trees and it became cooler we started our afternoon deck painting.

Timothy O post sanding.

Still not totally finished the deck, so we still have crazy outdoor furniture indoors, it’s sort of exciting having unexpected furniture everywhere, and also at the same time really irritating.

That was it…Weekend in Pictures. How was your weekend?

K x

You may of seen some of these photographs on my instagram feed… if you aren’t on instagram yet, hop on! It’s really fun! You can follow me, my name is kararosenlund


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9 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

    • Afternoon sleeps are not something I really ever do.. however I thoroughly enjoyed this out of character slumber. Sad to hear that your weekend wasn’t so great Sally. x

  1. Kara where did you get that gorgeous black cake stand – I have been searching high and low for something like that and haven’t been at all successful? Jane

    • I search high and low Jane… haha… I can keep a look out for a black one for you if you like… or you can borrow this one if you need to use it as a prop. x

  2. Yes please Kara – if you see one on your travels please let me know and I’ll happily take it off your hands. Thanks for the offer of a loan too – I’ll keep that in mind. Damn, was in Brisbane over the weekend, could have sneaked in and whipped it away from you!

  3. what a beautiful blog. I want a Frankie and I’ve ben needling my husband to let me get chooks for about 3 years. He’s said no (again) to both so I may have to revisit you to get a fix. Good luck with your Frankie venture. It’s such a lovely idea!

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