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Wisteria I love You

Happy Tuesday! Thought I would share with you the one thing that is making me most happy right now…. my Wisteria.

Oh, how I love you! It has never given me so much love than lately. The love it gives me reminds me of having a pure crush on a boy who never gives you a second glance… the agony, the agony.. it’s painful… then one day he starts flashing those smiles your way and giving you high fives! Oh yeh, me and the Wisteria are going steady! The thrill of it all!

I bought this wisteria as a 40cm stick two and a half years ago after I had built a trellis out the front I am a chicken before the egg kinda girl. The lady at the nursery reassurged me that it would fully bloom within three years, three years, shit, that’s a long time, I can’t plan what I’m doing next week, let alone in three years!…will I still be living at the same house?   really, that’s a long time! When I asked her if I needed another one to plant on the other side of my trellis to speed things up a bit she said no, this will do the trick. You just have to wait.

So after many a month of looking at my stick, the stick grew wood to make it a larger stick. Over the next two years the larger stick then slowly twisted itself around the trellis in it’s bare woody fashion…. unpatiently I waited… secretly hoping that I had picked up a ‘fast growing Wisteria’.. alas, no.

So, after all this time here we are. In love with the heady fragrant Wisteria… and still thinking I should of bought that second one to go on the other side! Imagine the beauty!

K x


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12 Comments to “Wisteria I love You”

  1. Oh – I didn’t think it could grow in Brisbane. Now I definitely have to get one! I love a perfumed garden.

  2. It’s been a magical journey! Remember our old neighbour Dot wanting to help put the trellis in?
    We’ll have to stay put to enjoy it now.

  3. I have supreme tree envy right now…in fact, I may not be talking to you I am so jealous. I had just one other flower – JUST ONE – on my stupid peach tree and you are right, like a bad boyfriend who does me wrong, it has to go!!!!!

  4. Hi, you’re lucky! I’ve got a wisteria since 4 years ago and still no flowers! Every spring I hope it’s the one, but it’s not so far… :(
    Enjoy your wisteria! I love it too, even without flowers…

  5. I have have had the same conversation with myself the last 3 YEARS!!! If only I’d gone ahead like ou and done it 3 years ago I’d have wisteria today!! But nooooooo I was just thinking ‘I don’t know if I’ll still be living here in 3 years!’. Now if I go out and get some I’ll probably move next year. Yup. Envying your wisteria! You cold have planted a white one on the other side. I’ve also been trying to convince my partner to let me paint the deck light grey…but he thinks it’ll be too muddy the whole time? (we have chooks too) – will be good to see how you go with it!

    • I missed this comment Mrs Bok – I’m so sorry. Do it… go out now and buy yourself a stick! For the love of Wisteria… do it!
      Our deck floorboards are in bad shape and we aren’t really in to stained boards, as the house is so bright and white and the deck floors were just looking so dark and rugged. This way with the deck the light hits it and reflects cool light all around, so the deck marries in the rest of the light floor treatments of the house. Not finished yet, though very happy so far! I am half way through coating them in a hardcore sealant, that way when it does get dirty we can just mop it or hose it off. I’ll let you know how we go. x

  6. Wisteria sure does have some power. I bought my house 14 years ago and not long after, I planted two wisteria on either side of the front verandah, dreaming of a house framed with those amazing purple flowers…. They were small sticks, and I waited patiently and they grew, yet each year no flowers. My mother, the queen of wisteria growing, at first told me to wait and be patient. 3 years passed and still nothing. She told me to hit them with a broom stick, shock them into flowering, which I did. Still no flowers. Like a bad relationship that I couldn’t let go of…I waited another 5 years… Finally last year I ripped it out and bought two whilst in flower, so this year when they flowered, it made me soooo happy. Why did I waste 7 years! Imagine what it could look like! Buy the other plant, even if you move house you can drive by and it will still make you happy.

    • Cath – YOU WAITED ANOTHER FIVE YEARS! You crack me up! I’m there with you on the vision of the front verandah… I can’t believe your mother’s technique – I was laughing out loud when I read that! Hitting them with a broom stick! – shock them into flowering! I love it. Yes, time to move on….like I tell my girlfriend Sally O with her Peach Tree… time to kick it to the curb, like a bad man who gives you no love…. you will never get those years back…. hahaha. Glad to see we are ‘insta friends’ as well now! x

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