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©Kara Rosenlund

It’s no secret I love hydrangeas… it’s also no secret that they are fickle old things…. Around this time each year I always decide to ‘have another go’ at blossoming our relationship together… I always think ‘This time will be different, it’s simple, just keep the roots moist and keep them in the shade…. no, always the same.. fried and frizzled in this Queensland weather…. anyway this is going somewhere….

Hydrangeas are known as ‘old lady flowers’ aren’t they, well my old lady neighbour Dot has a medium size shrub out the front which I lust after….. Dot lives alone and never married or had children, we say hello to each other all the time and I give her eggs from the girls. I asked her the other day if I could have a couple of stems and ofcourse she said yes. Dot has a failing memory and it seems with each month that passes so does her ability to recall things.

I thanked her for the hydrangeas when I saw her yesterday … she looked at me so confused…she had no idea what I was talking about…. poor Dot… old age can be a curse. Make time to smell the roses now…. or rather hydrangeas.

K x


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