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Sydney in Pictures


 ©Kara Rosenlund

It has been quiet around the blog for the past few days hasn’t it… bet you thought we decided to pick up sticks and stay on in Sydney…. truth be told I actually would of loved that… Sydney was so kind and generous to Timothy O, Frankie the caravan and myself… we had the ultimate time and are in fact having the Post Sydney Blues…. ha….. Well, here we go… our road trip ‘Sydney in Pictures’….


There really is no better feeling than escaping the city and driving off into the country… Timothy O and I decided to take the ‘country route’ to Sydney, going through towns such as Tenterfield, Armidale, and Tamworth….. everywhere we went people were beeping their horns and waving to us with Frankie on the back or calling us up to see where we were headed…. the response was remarkable…


At every fuel stop I would come out with a fist full of these…. can’t go past a Summer Roll….



We saw and felt so much that made our hearts sing; the faded colours of the land, the changing climates. the livestock…. all whizzing past us as we drove down the national  highway with Frankie…

rosenlund_007 rosenlund_008

The thing I love most about this time of year are the leaves changing…. the reds, oranges and yellows are electric, almost as though the trees are on fire…


Natures ‘colour kaleidoscope’….


  This was just in between Armidale and Tamworth I think …. I love how faded the landscape was….


Had a little pitt stop and ‘Summer Roll’ break….


The most beautiful subtle colours imaginable…. I love you Australia…..

rosenlund_016 rosenlund_017

Getting closer to Sydney….

rosenlund_018 rosenlund_019

 We arrived in Sydney and decided to stay with Timothy O’s grandmother – Audrey O…. Timothy O and I made a roast for dinner for the three of us, Timothy O’s grandmother set the table all proper… slices of buttered brown bread to accompany dinner, served on pretty bread and butter plates, warmed floral fine china plates for the roast and a big pot of leaf tea for afterwards with apple pie…..nothing too flashy, just the way it’s meant to be done…. Audrey O lost her husband late last year, so it was very sentimental to be able to stay with her in her warm home and keep her company….


 Bright and early the next day we arrived at Megan Morton’s The School in Rosebery to set up Frankie…..


 Frankie was decorated inside and out with everything for sale….

rosenlund_022 rosenlund_023 rosenlund_024 rosenlund_025 rosenlund_026

 We set up the trestle tables in the drive way and filled them with all of our beautiful old wares for the Sydney folk to see for the first time!

rosenlund_027 rosenlund_028

 Kitchen By Mike provided an almost European backdrop to our market stall with their olive trees and grape vines….

rosenlund_029 rosenlund_030 rosenlund_031 rosenlund_032 rosenlund_033

     We have Travelling Wares tea towels – this isn’t such a great shot of them though… ha.  In the online shop soon. x

rosenlund_034 rosenlund_035 rosenlund_036

One evening we even had a ‘Twilight Market’ before one of my ‘Vignette Workshops’…..


Me, in action, teaching one of my ‘Vignette Workshops’.... they were so much fun… three nights in a row to sell out audiences was such a rush of adrenaline and creativity….


My new friend Mario from Mario’s Kitchen supplied such an array of beautiful produce each evening for all of the attendee’s for the Vignette Class….. the brief was to look at my website and take the lead from there… he really did… I felt like I was at home….. except with the most amazing filled pantry…. and perhaps somewhere in the South of France.

rosenlund_040 rosenlund_041

 Then, after a week of being spoilt in Sydney it was time to come back home to Brisbane…. this is a shot of us going over the Harbour Bridge with Frankie on our way out….in the pouring rain… see, Sydney was even sad to see us go…..

Thank you so much to all of our friends, old and new, who we were so lucky to spend time with in Sydney….. thank you to all who came out to see Frankie at The School in the glorious weekend sunshine and a very big thank you to all who came to my Vignette Class…. I don’t know about you, though I had an absolute ball!

Melbourne we are coming next week!

Much Love xxxxxx Kara


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23 Comments to “Sydney in Pictures”

  1. I love your sweet smile. If Frankie could sing, do you think it would be “I’ve been everywhere man….”!?! Or maybe after the Melbourne trip. :) My husband and I are big Europe fans and want to spend so much more time over there. But since our last overseas trip I’ve also been consciously fostering a stronger mindset of seeing Australia with fresh eyes in new and familiar corners. We really do live in a stunning, lucky country, don’t we?

    • I think that is the secret Lucent Imagery – fresh eyes…. I too love a slice of Europe, though right now Australia is giving me everything I love, and I don’t have to get my money exchanged, ha! That is so funny you chose that song…. I feel that way at the moment… “I’ve been everywhere man…..’ xxx

  2. Wonderful Photos of your travels with Frankie. I love the Armidale/Tamworth countryside. I lived up there in the early 80's with my sister Caz. Brought back happy memories. Thanks Kara.

    • Hey Donna!! Did you and Caz live up there…. gosh, I bet you two would of loved it! It is so beautiful! I might be seeing you soon when I come and visit Nikole next week! xxx

    • Hi Cath!!! How are you? THank you; sorry we didn’t have a chance to have a proper chat the other night! Next time for sure! xxx

    • Hi Tess – we are planning to be at Small Giants, it is 11 Princes st, St Kilda. A big old mansion. My workshops and Thursday and Friday and I shall also have a few trestle tables set up from Thursday through to Sunday there. xx

  3. Thank you so much for this lovely travelogue. Australia and New Zealand are at the top of my list of places I want to visit. It is wonderful to see it through your eyes. Funny to see the season changing to fall just as we are emerging into spring. I am loving your blog and your creativity. Can't wait to read about the rest of your travels.

    • Hi Elizabeth – You would love it here. YOu have to visit….. so much to see and do and we are all very welcoming here, even in New Zealand too…. If you search within my blog under ‘Honeymoon in Pictures’ you will come across lots of images I shot in New Zealand last year of our honeymoon. I love New Zealand too! xx

  4. Australia is so far away from me (I live in France)… Thank you for this travel ; I’m very impressed by your blue sky. And I like very much your wares !

    • Hi Anne; Yes, we have such wide blue skies here down in Australia….. Thank you so much for your comment. I love France…. where a bouts are you from? xx

    • Oh Tricia, I know exactly what you mean…. there is something so primitive that pulls us in…. the air, the colours, the smells…. when we were living in London the film Australia came out, oh, gosh, that made me home sick. xxx

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