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Weekend in Pictures – Easter


©Kara Rosenlund

Happy Easter….Did you have a good Easter? A rest? I must admit, Easter is actually my favourite of holidays. I think it must be the casualness of Easter, unlike Christmas…. plus I do love it when a few degrees drop off the daily temperatures here in Queensland….


Each morning started in the same old fashion here over the four day break…. a big pot of leaf tea, warmed hot cross buns and lots of reading…. I had the books and Timothy O had the ipad his latest friend…


…. we listened to this vinyl a lot….. ever since we watched ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ the other week we have a new found love and appreciation for Rodriguez


I found a whole bunch of mid century Danish leather cushions last week…. perfectly worn in weathered buttery leather…. so I rearranged a few bits to accommodate them…


Our girls went to my parents house for a few days for a change of scenery… Gigi has gone broody again, so we placed these old handmade china eggs under her until we had a chance to drive the flock over to my folks house….. A change of scenery for about four days will help broody hens come off the nest….hot tip of the week…


Frankie the caravan needed a bit of an old spit and polish before her ‘Grand Roadtrip’ down the east coast next week ohmygosh… it’s only next week….so much to do.….. So we spent a few days giving her some love…


Most days ended like this over the break… lighting the wood fire oven and watching the flames dance…..


Can’t believe how much the passionfruit vine has grown over the past few months…. love how the vine is covering the oven …


Man and Fire….ah, Timothy O…. he loves his oven…..


We decided to make a strawberry and peach crumble down in the garden and cook it in the wood fire oven…..


It was amazing….


Next in was this big fellow, stuffed with lemon and parsley….. yes… we really did make dessert before dinner… ha. Why not…..


My favourite way to cook potatoes…. in a bag… par boil, get your stapler, wrap the potatoes in grease proof paper with salt and pepper and olive oil, then staple it up… genius!… you can do this in a conventional oven too!


… and then most evenings ended this way… watching the afternoon become night…


Timothy O made a bracket for my new old ladder….


I had a play around with these…..At this time of year I’m really drawn to wool……I was lucky enough to work with the amazing Jacqueline Fink of Little Dandelion on a small project last week, so I had these beautiful trims left over… such colours of autumn….


Here is one of Little Dandelion’s knitted blankets in my living room…. ah, the texture… I just can’t get enough….


Love a knit…. love a chunky knit more….


Come Monday afternoon I was a bit over all the chocolate in the house….the fridge was just exploding with eggs and bunnies….. so I melted the sweet menagerie down and made a cake….


… a beautiful rich and moist dark chocolate flourless cake….. it hit just the spot as the rain came down outside….

I’ll post the recipe tomorrow… be warned… it’s a long one, though well worth it.

Hope you all had a brilliant Easter and rest.

K x


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17 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures – Easter”

  1. Hi could you please tell me the name of the white paint you have used behind the ladder?? Love it! You're so clever!! Leonie

  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE those cushions! You really do have a knack. I look forward to hearing their story first hand very soon.
    Watch that passionfruit vine! They will pull anything and everything in their path down if you let them.
    (Love the little customised ‘pin it’ buttons too. You’re a busy busy lady!) x

    • I’m pretty chuffed with the cushions too Amy…. I did have to buy an entire sofa to get the cushions – though that is another story! hahaha x

  3. Another visual feast! Sounds truly magical. (if those leather cushions go on sale can I reserve them? They are what I’ve been looking for!) I love our 4 days of easter – it feels like a proper break to get away or stay home and be productive/restful. We got away to a relative’s farm and I have many photos of it so will need to share them over the week. We spoke of you and your lovely business and finds as we flicked through magazines and talked about local secondhand stores.

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