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Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Ah, the weekend feels like it was forever ago now, however this is what we got up to… Saturday morning clocked around and I made boiled eggs for Timothy O and I using our new egg cosies, pure joy… our girls aren’t laying right now as they are still molting – you can’t lay and regrow feathers at the same time they tell me… cheeky free loaders….


I had the ‘Trixie’ cosy….


After breakfast we couldn’t find the chickens anywhere in the yard…. sheer panic….. as I was hightailing it out the front to see if they had escaped onto to the street through the garden I heard a little ‘cluck’ from the sofa…. they had snuck upstairs, down the hallway and were all bundled in the living room together…. never trust a chicken…. they are sneaky… ha…


I filled up this new piece of furniture which I recently picked up on my travels down rural Victoria…. it doesn’t fit inside, oops. so it is happily on the back deck….


… I found some amazing blue and natural nautical rope…


… and then I worked late into the evening on a project I hope to share with you soon…


Sunday was a bit random actually. There is a house two doors up which is being demolished. An elderly lady who I used to wave hello to passed away about two years ago. She lived alone and would seldom receive any visits from family or friends, except the ‘meals on wheels’ people who would deliver her meals through a tiny hole in the wall. Her large family house has been vacant for some time, so when I saw the demolisher people on Sunday I asked if I could have a last look inside….


… an old bar which I’m sure saw some laughs and good times back in the day…


… the family room upstairs…


… bedroom…



… must admit I felt a bit sad after I left the house…. I just wanted to piece the story together in my head… people’s spirit and joy really are the most important elements when it comes to a home… if you don’t have that the home will always feel empty…


… so I came home and backed a cake…. a Madeira cake…. I love how the top splits right down the middle… recipe tomorrow.


… then packed a few days worth of bits into my bag and I hit the road again… I shall be back for this weekend’s market at the Powerhouse.

K x




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12 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Having never spent quality time with chickens, I love your stories that reveal their personalities! Their latest venture has me wondering, do they need blankets/heaters in winter? Or are they warm enough on their own? My dog, who is treated somewhat like royalty, has already had his blankets pulled out and he loves it! My spoilt fur child and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

  2. Oh so much to love in this post Kara! Beautiful bag, super cute chicken huddle, amazing new addition to your back deck and I can’t wait for your recipe, this cake is on my to bake list!
    Have a beautiful week!
    Sophie x

  3. Just love that piece of furniture you picked up Kara…and your bag!
    Your chickens really have me wanting some for our Old Lady…they are too cute. I am always so sad to see old people never getting visitors and the like. The lady over the road was the same and I would often go and have a chat with her and take her some biscuits I had made just so she would feel like someone cared. It was so sad when she went into a home. That house has never been the same…a homes walls become part of us.
    Have an awesome trip too.
    Ness xx

  4. Oh, that poor old house with no one to love it…, I wish someone snapped it up for good and not evil (which is often the case these days). There are so many homes being demolished in our area lately, it makes me sad to think of all those good times the walls would have witnessed.

    Your photographs are lovely, as always!

  5. Hi Kara, lovely photos as always and those chooks make me laugh, they remind me of my two youngest kids – ha! But what I wanted to comment here about is the photos you took of the old lady’s home. Such a lovely thing for you to do – a stamp left here of her life, however it may have been but it will now remain documented somehow. Lovely and very touching! Mel x

  6. Hi, I’ve just found your blog and the picture of your chickens caught my eye. It was a funny story!
    Have a nice trip! Looking forward to your next post!

  7. Hi Kara, you’ve just touched my heart and lifted my spirits on my morning that was feeling a little dismal. With such a quick snapshot of your beautiful world I can see how the things you love and value in life are so close to my own heart :-) As I gaze across our deck strewn with yellowed leaves from my whymsically decorated ancient apple tree and listen to the magical sound of precious rain falling on our corrugated roof, I now feel inspired to tackle the drawers of my newly acquired 50’s dressing table and finish cleaning out and remaking my bedroom. On a larger scale you have encouraged me to realize I have every reason to trust my own inspirations and live my dream of sharing the things I treasure with others too. If I can bring a smile to people’s hearts as you do, that truely is happiness, thank you! :-)

  8. hi, have to admit that i have re-visited the photo of the hen huddle several times. makes me smile. thx.

  9. I found this post through a Pinterest post of the bag – I am seriously in love! What brand is it and where were you able to find it?

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