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Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Weekend in Pictures…. How was your weekend? Mine was crazy! I think I am better in Spring, much more motivated. There was a lot to do around the house as I haven’t been home a lot lately on weekends, so it was nice to get my hands dirty and get into it….


… I got up early to feed the chickens and let them out of their pen my daily routine.… and also to make some tea… I was surprised by how strong the light was beaming through the windows at 5.45am… magical…


….  made some toast, rather burnt some toast ….


… to make soldiers for boiled eggs on toast with the girls fresh eggs for Timothy O and I Timothy O likes hard boiled, I prefer mine soft and gooey…. the chickens have just started laying again for the season, so they are really hungry all the time now they are using more energy…. still totally in love with the crocheted egg cozies of the girls…. they always make me giggle…


… I decided to paint the old hutch I picked up a while back a dark grey colour it was a yellow colour previously… it lives on the back deck with crockery piled high… so I unpacked all the crockery to paint it and I think I ended up adding more when I refilled it …. plus a cake for fun….


… came across this old English soda syphon….  a past utilitarian object with so much beauty… why can’t they make everyday objects with such beauty and quality materials…



… Saturday sheet washing day…. linen hanging on the hills hoist out the back….


… freshly made bed… nothing beats it….


…. Timothy O is part of an ‘heirloom seed club’, so we planted some seeds which arrived in the mail in these little old seedling pots….. hopefully chamomile will shoot up soon…. It’s so incredible that the world depends on seeds; no seeds no food…..


…. I woke up early on Sunday to do the same chicken routine and to go to a local farmers market to pick up some more ‘established’ seedlings for the veggie patch…. the chickens have destroyed most of the plants we had planted… they don’t so much eat the plants, they just end up sitting on them and squashing them… ha…..

rosenlund_0013 rosenlund_0014

… the seedlings awaiting the veggie patch….

rosenlund_0015 rosenlund_0016

… the passionfruit vine is growing so fast which fills me with so much joy… we are making the vines into a canopy above the oven…. I am in love with green right now…. I have always liked green in the past, though it has been no love affair between us, though right now I am finding green really soothing and inspiring… I’m going to paint this area where the oven is and the sink (two shots above) a green colour soon… am I taking green too far?? …


…. and the wisteria is out again… our front garden smells like sweet sherbet has exploded in a lolly shop….


… debuted my new hat…. a cross between a sunhat and a panama, hello, best looking hat ever….


…. and one more of the finished hutch… she sure did take some paint….

K xx


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8 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. I love the grey colour. You know me – always searching for that perfect grey. Neutral and bold. We have been out with the binoculars, on the point watching whales play. Spectacular weekend really! xx

    • Whales… Whales….. wow Sally… that is incredible… I bet the ocean was that perfect deep blue colour…. Was the oyster shucker man there? xx

    • Hi Danielle – it is by Dulux, can’t remember the name, though you should check out their samplers, I’m sure you will be able to spot it xx

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