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Weekend in Pictures – qualia


©Kara Rosenlund

Where to start…my heart is still pumping from the magical weekend gone past… filled with beautiful blues, sheer obscene natural beauty and enough laughter to make my ribs sore still as I write this…On Friday morning I headed to qualia, the luxury resort nestled into the northern most tip of Hamilton Island, surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef…. I had been invited to source and style an intimate brunch event in conjunction with World Champagne Day’s festivities yes, there really is such a fabulous thing...and in association with Riedel glassmakers, Vogue Living and The Champagne Bureau.

I was absolutely thrilled to be invited on board for one of qualia’s prestigious events, the resort offers such a diverse and elite calibre of offerings and plays host to some of the most stunning and luxurious functions I have seen….


… I threw together a few essentials to get me through the fabulous weekend ahead….


… while I was flying in over the islands I was amazed by how majestic the islands appeared… so much raw beauty surrounded by every hue of blue imaginable…..


… so vast…. the vista really does leave you in silence…


…. I was promptly collected from the airport and generously given a tour of the island…. everything looks better in island mode…. even the palm trees….


…. Hamilton Island’s main mode of transport is the golf buggy… very easy to zoom around in…. never one to shy away from adventure, I headed out straight away in my buggy and we hit the bitumen exploring together….


…. these little things make life so easy on the island…. for the first few hours I did find myself giggling out loud…. I felt very Fantasy Island – in the best possible way – as I zoomed and weaved around the beaches and coves… everyone I passed was literally beaming with joy too.


… had a dip in the ocean…  nothing beats salty water on the skin and the taste of the sea air…

Rosenlund_0009 Rosenlund_0010

…. then went for a long walk along qualia’s private Pebble Beach ....


… nature, ah, you blow my mind every time; so many beautiful pieces coral washed up along the shoreline…


… I came across this charming lighthouse in the marina precinct by the yacht club…. by this stage I really didn’t feel like I was in Australia anymore –  I know, sounds strange the salt air had gone to my head, Hamilton Island was reminding me of a little island I once visited off the French west coast, where bicycle is the main mode…you arrive and are immediately able to have your own independence to explore and experience the best of the island, which I think really sets the tone for a colourful holiday…


… Porto del Sol… Gate to the Sun….


… the Vogue Living Champagne Dinner was being set up alongside Pebble Beach at qualia… by my good friend Megan Morton… and the theme for the dinner was The Great Gatsby, there was evidence of decadence everywhere… oversized balloons dancing in the breeze, glittering tinsel in the sunset and bejewelled details everywhere….

Rosenlund_0015 Rosenlund_0016

… incredible handmade paper centre pieces made by paper artist and friend James Gordon generously adorned each table….  celebrating opulence…


Heidi Moore-Gill’s gracious balloons...


…. The Party Starts Here… and it sure did…. one of my instagram snaps from the evening….I had the most magical time under the stars at our table, the colourful conversation flowed as did the exquisite champagne; Billecart Salmon Brut NV, Bollinger La Grande Annee 2004, Charles Heidsieck Brut Millesime 2000 and Piper-Heidsieck Rose Sauvage NV as the sea lapped along the waters edge….

Rosenlund_0019 Rosenlund_0020

… the fabulous soiree mid swing….


… I’m such a sentimentalist – I love to collect petite bits from such events…  to remember the brilliant times had….a couple of corks from the champagne and this little sweet Yarra Valley caviar tin which our first course was served in…..


… I was up early Saturday morning being charmed by such colour…

Rosenlund_0023 Rosenlund_0024

… the dining table tops at qualia’s Long Pavilion…. inspired by aerials of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef


… the spectacular view from the Long Pavilion at breakfast ….



… I hit Pebble Beach again to soak up some more sunshine….


… which lead to a long swim in the infinity pool overlooking that view….


… Hello Badminton…. Yes –  to carry on the theme of the previous evenings dinner qualia held a vintage chic ‘Gatsby’ brunch amdnd badminton match on their helipad… I had such a fun time leading up to this weekend sourcing all the period details, trophies and rosettes for the afternoon’s festivities….


… A beautiful old woven net… bet it never thought it would see the light of day again let alone have a spectacular setting like this….


…. hundreds of feathered shuttlecocks and rounds of colourful wooden racquets galore….



… Trophy Fever….


… oversized opulent silk rosettes….

Rosenlund_0035 Rosenlund_0036 Rosenlund_0037 Rosenlund_0038 Rosenlund_0039 Rosenlund_0040

qualia’s fabulous Sophie in the most fittingly fabulous sun hat and Hermes twilly….



… chilled Charles Heidsieck ….


… Let the games begin….

Rosenlund_0044 Rosenlund_0045

…the effervescent James Gordon on court, looking very dapper in stripes….

Rosenlund_0046 Rosenlund_0047

… Sophie serving amongst tears of laughter…. it really is harder than you think...

Rosenlund_0048 Rosenlund_0049 Rosenlund_0050 Rosenlund_0051Rosenlund_0052

…Sporting our whites, another instagram snap… myself on the left and Nat from Eat Read Love having a wonderful time in the sun….


… the winners of the ‘qualia Badmintin Classic’ – Katie and Denny… pure joy! …


…. the best dressed prize went to Anastasia and Josh….


…. but really everyone is a winner when Champagne is involved… the tower of Champagne was filled before the close of the afternoons endearing play….


… I had one last swim in the pool before having to say goodbye to such a dream location….

Rosenlund_0057 Rosenlund_0058

…. saying goodbye was pretty tough… hopefully I will be saying hello again very soon.

K x



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23 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures – qualia”

  1. Beautiful Kara, so looking forward to your Auckland workshop on Friday, I am off to samoa on Saturday so I am now looking forward to travelling with fresh eyes and my camera!

  2. It is a feast for the eyes!
    Every time I scroll through I find something new and gorgeous that I didn’t see first time!
    Beautiful and breathtaking Kara you talented little kitten!

  3. Hi Kara, what a divine weekend! Love the pics, as always.
    Would LOVE to know the brand of Sophie’s sunglasses? I must have them!

  4. OH DEAR GOD! Are you serious???? It looks AMAZING!!!! I wish I could go to Qualia. I know, in my heart of hearts, Miss Kara Rosenlund, if I was there. We would have won!!!! Stunning!! And sea treasures too! I love all the Badminton gear too. Love it all! xxx

    • SALLY – I’m telling you…. that green trophy could of been OURS – sitting on the sideboard right now… ha….Katie and Denny were pretty hungry for it though. ha. It could of gotten ugly. x

  5. Amazing Kara – the blue – the crispness! Makes me relax just looking at it. We took the kids to Hamilton in January this year and had the best time – definitely think a child free week at Qualia should be our next venture to the island! Leanne

  6. The colours and details you’ve captured here Kara are stunning! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the Badminton equipment, the shuttlecocks and racquets – oh my… it looked like so much fun!! x

    • Liesl – my heart was skipping the whole time I was there. I was worried I was going to miss out on something beautiful hahaha. Alas, it all prevailed. Yes, it was so much fun xx

  7. * sighs * Amaaaaaaze! What a weekend. Tks for the virtual ticket Kara – it’s golden (and more than a little bit blue ;))

  8. Darling Kara!
    These pictures are marvellous, and are transporting me right back to (magical) Hamilton Island.
    Simply smashing to spend time with you and get a glimpse of your scorchingly fine Badminton form – in heels no less!
    Lots and lots of love

    • JN – it really was spectacular…. it’s now Thursday and I am in a foreign country and am still thinking about our hilarious time on Hamilton Island… it this normal?? Island Fever??. xxx hahaha, Best time ever… you saw what I do in heels on a grassed helipad…. watch out on pedestrian’s bitumen… can we all go back now please xxx xxx

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