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Postcard From the Road


©Kara Rosenlund

Yes, postcards from the road…. I have been travelling around country Victoria shooting houses and the vast Australian landscape for a project I am working on….


… if you don’t follow me on instagram (I think you should), or don’t have instagram (mum) then this is what I have been sharing online….


… I came across the most beautiful collection of feathers from a house I was shooting…. love nature and the perfection of the colours and pattern combinations….


… spent the most magical afternoon with about 24 horses in a random paddock…. that is what jumping fences will give you – pure majestic happiness and animal awe….


… sometimes you just need more height…. sorry hire car…eeek


…. found the most intriguing ‘man shed’ with a wonderful collection of old bones and skulls…. my favourite is the top left – an intact found kangaroo paw…

rosenlund_0006 rosenlund_0007

…. more to come over the next few days… I’m home for a couple of weeks before heading off again… this time to Tasmania…. if you know of any authentic houses or interesting interiors or landscapes let me know, would love to capture them. hello@blog.kararosenlund.com

K x


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