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Travel Diary

Namibia – Himba, Part Two


©Kara Rosenlund

Welcome back to the second instalment…. I’m so pleased you guys are enjoying this series, it really means a lot to me that you are interested and intrigued.

I can’t tell you how much of a privilege it was to be able to make this journey and spend time with these proud women. It really was an adventure, travelling to the remote fringes where this particular Himba tribe live and just watching and observing, interacting in a very primitive way.

I’m so curious and find how people live to be so fascinating, as maybe you do too.


The traditional clothing matches the colours of the landscape and climate.

Simple skirts made from layers of calve skins… sandals to protect the soles of their feet from the hot desert sun, made from either found car tyres or leather and lots of adornments.

Hairstyles, headpieces and jewellery all symbolise how many years you have been married and how many children you have…. everything has a meaning and sentiment….through lots of hand movements and rubbing of my tummy and pointing to Timothy O, they all think I need to hurry up and have some children – so I can add some necklaces to my neck of course…women, all over the world, always thinking of the pretty accessories…





Such fit and fierce bodies…the ankles are the most private part on the female body and are covered by ankle cuffs and strips of leather.


The Himba huts are made from a variety of natural materials; sticks, dung and clay…. some huts have flat roofs and some have clay domes… everything has a purpose and reason…  the women make the huts, not the men, and continue to repair and patch them when cracks appear by slapping dung on the surfaces… it really makes you feel excessively excessive about how we live at home…




A Himba woman had just given birth in this little hut before we arrived… it’s just her and her new baby inside.




…. I don’t think I have ever really experienced the power of a village until this trip…. everyone working together towards a common goal – survival



What astounds me the most is the sense of pride these women have, no matter the age, the pride remains and is so fierce.

Since I have returned back home I have found myself staring at this series of portraits, for hours, just looking into their eyes and searching for something… where I’m at with my search is that I feel what comes of leading an honest life, must come a sense of freedom…. for all of us.

…… part three coming very soon… I promise.

K x



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19 Comments to “Namibia – Himba, Part Two”

  1. Your eloquence with words is as powerful as your images Kara. I’m in awe of the adventure you’ve had & the women you met. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. oh Kara! So beautiful. Every single image is astounding. The story of the woman and her baby in the hut changes the way I look at that image completely. I enjoy in a totally different way now xxx

  3. It’s so beautiful to see how proud these ladies are of their bodies, womanhood and motherhood through your eye Kara. Gosh, yes… those first world issues I have with my house! Such beauty x

  4. Amazing! This bought a tear to my eye: “I don’t think I have ever really experienced the power of a village until this trip…. everyone working together towards a common goal – survival.” Thank you for sharing such an incredible community with us x

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