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Travel Diary

24 Hours in Tasmania

Leaving Flinders Island, bound for Launceston, Tasmania

©Kara Rosenlund

Tasmania! Ice! Snow! Sheep! Are you ready for it?

I was shooting on location on Flinders Island, just off Tasmania. Such a beautiful unspoilt little island – only accessible by incy wincy plane.

Bad wintery weather closed in on the last day of our shoot, so we wrapped up and the crew and I left the island pretty fast. Bad weather and small planes – eeeeek, not a good mix. Word on the tarmac was that snow was coming for Tasmania! Snow? What!!!

The thick blanket of snow throughout central Tasmania

A snowy winter wonderland in Tasmania

And did it snow! A thick blanket across everything. Husband Timothy O and I decided to meet up in Tasmania for the weekend – not planning for snow mind you.

We both travel with our work and sometimes we meet up half way between where we are both travelling and working from, which makes things exciting.

So Tasmania was home for the next 24 hours, Lake St Clair to be exact, in the Tasmanian central highlands – extra, extra icy cold.

Curious sheep in the blanketed paddocks

There is just something about Tasmania. Driving through the snow was so beautiful. So incredibly enchanting, such silence.

I had to stop the car many many times, just to get out and feel the textures and the coldness on my face and to be at one with the wintery landscape in that moment.

So exciting to experience, I felt almost dizzy with the joy of snow – remember, I am from Queensland, two seasons, hot….  and hotter.

Heavy snow fall on the towering gumtrees

The green gum leaves reminding us we were still in Australia, rather than Europe

It was really stunning to see the bush completely covered in white dust.  It really didn’t feel at all like Australia, rather some European mountain top, far far away.

Nothing was recognisable, bedsides some fallen gum leaves, can’t mistake those.

Pumphouse Point on Lake St Clair

Home for the weekend was Pumphouse Point, in the heart of the Tasmanian wilderness. A converted 1940’s hydroelectric pump station on the Lake St Clair.

Looking back at the weekend, it felt very cinematic – We were snowed in and cut off, completely isolated.

Between the snow, the dizzy high of playing in the snow and the old pump house on the lake, it was all so surreal, like Kubrick’s snow set thriller The Shining – without the bad bits of course.

The converted 1940’s hydroelectric pump station on Lake St Clair

The fire heating the communal dining room at Pumphouse Point

The sunshine gradually melting the snow

Blue skies and blue waters revealed after the snow stopped falling

The snowy track back to the airport

Then just as it was time to go home,  the sun came on out and the snow started to melt, revealing the green leaves and the iconic patterns of the bark, the sky turned blue and everything was back to normal and our winter wonderland was all but a melted memory.

Hope you enjoyed my snow adventures, I’ve released a few of my favourite photographs from my time in the snow as limited edition prints in my online shop.  My personal favourite is the Silver Gums. Love the lack of colour!

K x


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