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How to Style My Extra Large Prints

©Kara Rosenlund

I’m really excited to introduce a new photographic print size option into my shop

The Extra Large Size. 

The new Extra Large print size is an effortless way to create an atmosphere of understated luxury.

I’ve been wanting to offer this size for some time now – and like everything I make available in the shop I always live with the new additions first, to test them out and to see how I feel with them within my space. And, most importantly, to find out if I would have them in my home?

Above: Salt Haze and Rhythm in my new Extra Large size

The answer was a big YES, I LOVE living with this size…. and also love working along side this size….

As some of you might know I have been gradually fitting out my new studio in Brisbane and have reached the fun stage of decorating and adding layers, rather than on the tools, painting and sanding.

I have long lusted after this size and while on the journey of bringing the studio to life I knew I wanted to have the larger scale works in the studio. They are such a broad brushstroke and create a solid level of sophistication and style.

Above: Rhythm in my new Extra Large size

By deliberately choosing to include the oversized pieces it meant the space wasn’t going to be cluttered with other bits of furniture, but most importantly the photographic works could set the atmosphere and tone of the rooms.

When you scale up a photograph to these proportions there is nowhere to hide and I’m proud that my work holds it’s integrity and quality at this extra large size.

To launch them into the shop I thought it would be fun to share three ways that I would style my new extra large size.



Idea 1 – The Lean

Understated Luxury

Above: Salt Haze in Extra Large, framed in my signature style of Tasmanian Oak

I love the relaxed feel that a photographic work leaning on the wall gives to a room.

You don’t have to worry about hanging it and it gives you the versatility to handle the photographic work like a piece of furniture and move it around the house.

You can interchange between rooms to lift and enhance the atmosphere depending on the season or your mood.

An oversized piece for the lounge room can easily be introduced into the bedroom or hallway for some newness.

Above: Salt Haze in Extra Large, framed in my signature style of Tasmanian Oak

Idea 2 – Companion Pieces

Extra Impact

Above: Salt Haze and Rhythm in my new Extra Large size

Pairing two extra large sized prints increases the visual impact of the works and is an effortless way to create an unforgettable space.

I originally had one single framed piece in this space (Salt Haze) though soon realised I wanted to scale up the impact so I chose a companion piece to go with it.

The companion prints I have chosen to have in my studio are Salt Haze and Rhythm. Both are seascape pieces from my Byron Bay Collection and both are black and whites works.

When you are choosing which pieces to pair together stay loyal to the same theme – seascapes, black & whites or landscapes with similar colour tones. This will strengthen your visual message.

Ideal in a lounge room or if you have a large entry way for impact.

Remember, companion pieces are like salt and pepper – better together and really emphasise the atmosphere of a room.

Above: Salt Haze and Rhythm in my new Extra Large size

Idea 3 – Make an Entrance

Set the tone of your home

Above: Salt Haze in Extra Large, framed in my signature style of Tasmanian Oak and Rhythm in my new Extra Large size

Set the tone of your home as soon as you walk through the door each day.

If you like the mood of a boutique hotel, you can easily recreate it at home by making an area which sets the tone of your home.

In my entryway it’s a rather narrow space, so I selected a vertical oversized piece to emphasise the height, rather than a horizontal work.

This too would be ideal in a hallway or other narrow area.


Hope you enjoyed these style tips and if you have any questions or would like help selecting a piece please email me here, I would love to help.

Kara x


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