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Hotel Client

Halcyon House Cabarita Beach

Interiors and lifestyle imagery for Halcyon House, the beachfront luxury boutique hotel in Cabarita, New South Wales. Images are from the hotels original opening in 2015 shot for Conde Nast Traveler, with new imagery captured in 2018. Interiors by Anna Spiro Design

Interiors & lifestyle photographic work.

Above left: bedroom interior / Above right: general manager Mauro DeRiso.

Above left: pool area at sunrise / Above right: bedside details at Halcyon House.

Above left: room details and the Halcyon House hang of curated art / Above right: upholstered fabric wall detail.

Above left: the bathroom at Halcyon House / Above right: bathroom details.

Above left: the swimming pool at Halcyon House / Above right: complimentary bicycles at Halcyon House.

Above left: bar snack of King Prawn sandwich at Paper Daisy Restaurant / Above right: room service at Halcyon House.

Above: exterior of Halcyon House.

Above: guest room details at Halcyon House.

Above left: the famous ‘Halcyon House Hang’ of a mix of vintage artworks / Above right: room service at Halcyon House, Cabarita Beach.

Above left: bedside details at Halcyon House / Above right: beachside exterior at sunset, Halcyon House, Cabarita Beach.

Above: Cabarita Beach.

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