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Editorial Client

Harpers Bazaar Magazine

Portrait and lifestyle feature for Harpers Bazaar Magazine, on biodynamic farmers Angelica and Charlie Arnott on their country property ‘Hanaminno’ in Boorowa, in southern New South Wales, where they run shorthorn cattle and sheep.

Published March 2020

Portrait, landscape and interior photographic work, with styling by Kristin Rawson.

Above left: A flock of galahs in an old gumtree in the early light on the Arnott property / Above right: Angelica Arnott on the family property ‘Hanaminno’ in Boorowa, in southern New South Wales.

Above: The landscape of ‘Hanaminno’ in the early light.

Above: Angelica Arnott and Charlie Arnott on the lawn near their chicken coop.

Above: Angelica and Charlie Arnott on their property in Boorowa, New South Wales.

Above: The country landscape at first light.

Above left: The landscape on ‘Hanaminno’ in Boorowa / Above right: Angelica Arnott.

Above left: Angelica Arnott / Above right: The landscape at first light on ‘Hanaminno’.

Above left: Family life. Angelica and Charlie Arnott with their children Lilla and Lordie / Above right: The exterior of the homestead.

Above left: Living room interior with layers of collected objects / Above right: Collected books from the library in the entrance.

Above left: Well worn hats and boots in the entrance / Above right: Collected shorthorn horns from the cattle.

Above left: Exterior of the homestead / Above right: Arnott family life.

Above left: Collected pieces of nature brought inside / Above right: Angelica Arnott with son Lordie.

Above: ‘Hanaminno’ on sunrise.

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