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Editorial Client

Photo Essay for Design Anthology Magazine

A photo essay for Design Anthology Magazine celebrating the wild beauty of the Australian landscape.

Shot in various locations, including Uluru in the Northern Territory, Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, the Southern Highlands, Yamba, Byron Bay in New South Wales, Satellite Island in Tasmania, Bundaberg and North Stradbroke Island in Queensland.

Photographic documentary and landscape work.

Above left: Surfboard stacks on sunrise in the dunes of Ningaloo Reef / Above right: A tiny speck of a boat moves across the vibrant aquamarine waters of Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef, as seen from a small plane.

Above left: Sand dune patterns and ripples in the afternoon light / Above right: Surfboards in Byron Bay, ready to hit the water at Wategos.

Above left: Morning light on the old weatherboard Surf Life Saving Club in Yamba, bearing the traditional details that have withstood the test of time / Above right: Making road trip plans and plotting the best way to tackle the route on a paper map and explore, with a morning cup of tea.

Above left: A vibrant red dirt track through the red centre in the Northern Territory, like a graphic artery straight to the heart of the country / Above right: Washing off the dirt at Longitude 101 at Uluru, Northern Territory.

Above left: The wildflowers of the Northern Territory, contrasting against the vivid red dirt / Above right: A flock of galahs on sunrise, making a commotion in the old gum tree as they flap around.

Above left: Setting up a day camp on the shores of North Stradbroke Island, aka Minjerribah / Above right: A flock of ducks flying home for the night on sunset in Bundaberg.

Above left: Limpets clinging onto a rock shelf in Tasmania, like twinkling stars in the midnights sky / Above right: Making evening camp on the Boathouse of Satellite Island, Tasmania, where you sleep above the lapping water and feel all the season in one day.

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