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How to Style Drinks on the Deck These Holidays

When the holidays come around I love to make the afternoons and evenings feel that little bit more special at home.

I do this by adding some simple elements of natural beauty and thoughtful touches.

This year I’ll be using pieces from my new holiday collection to bring the evening alive. They are pieces that I’ve been collecting and sourcing for the shop all year, living with them and styling them in my favourite ways.

Here’s how I’m styling drinks on the deck these holidays.

Above left: My much loved summer straw hat, which has barely left my head. I will always have my raffia umbrella up, even just a glimpse of it sets such a summer mood.  / Above right: I love a carafe style drink, it goes a long way and always looks stylish on a tray.

It’s always hot and balmy where we live in Queensland, so the afternoons and evenings are spent outside on the deck, hoping for a cool breeze to blow by.

How I like to start creating the holiday tone is by making a signature drink. I love to do this each year and I like to change it up from year to year. This year I’ll be making a ‘Pineapple Paloma’.

Refreshing,  juicy and tart, perfect for an uplifting summers night; plus super easy-peasy.

Above left: A pile of dehydrated pineapple slices, the perfect summer garnish  / Above right: Weaving cloth napkins through napkin rings. I’m loving my new brass ring too.

Above left: Mixing the ‘The Pineapple Paloma’ in the afternoon sun  / Above right: It tastes so tangy, tart and refreshing.

Styling Tricks

I mention this each year – I absolutely looove a drinks garnish and my favourite is dehydrated fruits.

This year I have gone for dehydrated pineapple slices, to compliment my ‘Pineapple Paloma’ holiday drink, though in previous years I have used oranges and grapefruits.

They look and taste delicious on non alcoholic drinks too, even plain old ice water is transformed with a piece of dehydrated pineapple on the side of the glass.

I could tell you that you can make your garnishes in the oven, but honestly a dehydrator is the best thing to use. So easy and you won’t burn the little pieces of fruit. After they’re crisp and dry I store them in an air tight glass jar.

Above left: ‘The Pineapple Paloma’ tastes refreshing, with a dash of sourness. I love a tangy drink  / Above right: The holiday drink recipe card.

Here is the recipe for the ‘Pineapple Paloma’. I like to make mine in a carafe, as it goes longer.

I love to serve this summery holiday drink on a tray. Trays makes everything seem that bit more special!

I’ve also rimmed my glass in black salt – fancy I know. You can find black salt mostly online. Though you don’t need to use salt.

Above left: The perfect summer nights mood, taking in the ambience of the table  / Above right: Having a moment and thinking about the year that was.

Tablecloths, cloth napkins and napkin rings are not just for dinner, I love using them for drinks too. They have a way of feeling so luxurious and are really so very simple and helpful. A little effort goes a long way.

When I used to fly around the world photographing upmarket and chic hotels, the very best hotels would always serve evening drinks with a fabric napkin. I like to keep those caring touches alive at home by having these details on the outdoor table.

Above left: I love how the scent of honey becomes stronger the more candles you light  / Above right: I adore the golden tones of the dried pineapple.

I’ll light candles just before dusk.  Candles are so transformative in the way they create ambience, and my favourites are beeswax pillar candles. The scent of honey travelling on the air is such a simple luxury.

Those beautiful clever bees, making such useful wax with natural scented sweet honey. Beeswax candles are the only candles I like to use and are so healthy for you and your home.

I also like to put on the latest playlist I’ve been working on. This is the newest one I’ve made especially for the summer holidays.

Click here to listen.

Above left: Playing music and watching the stars on a summers night would have to be the most relaxing way to spend the evening / Above right: Sparklers are still such a childhood favourite.

I’ll then watch the sun disappear and the stars gently grow stronger and stronger, as the nights sky becomes darker.

One thing I will never ever grow out of is my love for sparklers!! I still think they are little miracles on a stick and are so festive and happy! I just adore them and always have a couple of packets in the kitchen drawer for nights just like these.


What You’ll Need from my Holiday Collection

I have used my favourite pieces from my new holiday collection throughout this story. Beautiful and thoughtful pieces to help you create that balmy summer atmosphere at home.

Just click on each object to find out more.

For the Table

I’m Wearing

Above left: And here is to a happy and healthy 2022  / Above right: And before you know it, it’s time to blow the candles out and turn in for the night.

By stimulating scent in the air, light on the eyes, taste on the lips and music to the ears you are set for many nights of summery and thoughtful holiday atmosphere wherever you may be.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and safe and happy holidays.

Kara x


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