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Discover My Summer Lifestyle Collection and How to Style It

Inspired by those carefree, sun-filled days spent outside near nature, my new summer lifestyle collection is designed for doing what makes you happy and full of joy.

This small capsule collection includes a made-to-order straw hat to wear to the beach, the farmer’s market or while enjoying afternoon sundowners on the deck. Perfectly imperfect brass accessories that are the finishing golden touches to any summer outfit and a collection of playful pieces for the table to welcome the evening.

This is how summer feels to me.

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Above left: On the deck setting the table wearing my new straw hat / Above right: Glimpsing the setting sun is always a good idea, saying goodbye to the day that was.

The Summer Shag Hat

I am SO excited about this piece! This straw hat is my ultimate summer go to and exudes classic summer style.

The Sun Hat has been made in collaboration with hatmaker’s Jonathan Howard. I have long admired Jonathan’s hats and have collected a number over the years and he was the only person I trusted to make this hat I had imagined in my mind. Most importantly our hat is made in Australia, using hand woven straw from Ecuador and made by hand in coastal New South Wales.

You will always find a straw hat somewhere within my home. Either a few piled high on a chair or one taking centre position on the coffee table. A beautiful straw hat used within interiors sets the perfect playful summer mood.

When I’m heading out the door I always reach for it (usually it’s on the coffee table). It’s a statement piece and can easily elevate the simplest of outfits.

I wear mine with an oversized beach shirt over swimmers to the beach. When I’m heading to the local produce store or market I’ll wear it with white shorts and a fitted blouse knotted at the front. When I’m outside on the deck for sundowners I’ll wear a maxi skirt and a loose billowy blouse – with a knit near by for those chilly coastal southerly winds.

The chin strap is such a perfect and thoughtful detail. I don’t know about you, though I always have a bit of ‘hat blowing off my head anxiety’ when I wear a hat. This one isn’t going anywhere in a wind as the chin strap is adjustable and keeps the hat where it should be – on your head.

I just love the playful atmosphere this piece sets and you will find so many people smile when you wear this piece, I think it sets a friendly and joyful tone.

You can shop and read more about it here.

Above left: Lighting the candles and bringing all the special details to the table/ Above right: I love to make a carafe style drink, this way everyone can help themselves.

The Brass Accessories

I have worn brass accessories for years and have been searching for the right pieces to add to my lifestyle collection for just as long. 

I know so many of you love brass too. Brass always feels ‘broken-in’ and not too shiny or showy from the word go. Brass also feels exotic and worldly, as though you have discovered these rare pieces at a market on the edge of the world.

The new brass ring is a heavy-weight sculptural piece, that always gets noticed. It’s smooth and feels so lovely on the skin. Handmade in Italy, it has four arms which embraces the finger. It’s such an artful piece and everyone always wants to know where they can find one too.

The perfectly imperfect wonky brass bangle is the finishing touch to summer outfits. It’s the most beautiful flat and smooth bangle which is so easy to wear on the wrist. It’s not too heavy and not too light and is also made in Italy. To be honest I actually wear 3 of these bangles together daily, as I love a grouping of accessories and adore the noise they make as they jangle together. But one piece is just as beautiful.

When I’m going out I’ll make sure to have my bangles and ring on to add simple touches of golden warmth to my outfit.

You can shop and read more about the bangle and ring here.

Above left: One of my favourite things to do is to set the table for friends and family. I love making them feel special through special tabletop additions / Above right: Playful additions to my lifestyle collection, including a large rectangular patterned tablecloth,  marigold linen napkins and woven crab and lobster napkin rings. It’s all about fun!

The Summer Table

For me the entertaining table is the heart of the home during summer. I always like to go all out when it comes to the table to set the mood. It doesn’t have to be perfect or constructed, I much prefer a loose scheme that feels thoughtful and considered when my loved ones come around.

I always like to bring together a few special elements and first up is putting the raffia umbrella up over the table. It oozes a summery holiday vibe, as do the new pattern tablecloth and napkins. I also scatter shells across the table to make the afternoon feel fun, plus they act as paperweights for napkins if there is a strong breeze.

I love a long rectangular tablecloth, I find rectangles are more versatile than round ones. They double as picnic blankets for the beach and the park too.

If the gathering is going from the afternoon into the evening I always have a dusk lighting plan ready to go, which is simply a handful of candles at different heights and in hurricane vases. I only use beeswax candles as I love the natural honey fragrance which envelopes the table when you light them, plus the golden light it so much more intense than regular candles. It makes for an enchanting evening.

I will always make a signature drink in a carafe, though I will also keep a bottletop opener on the table for those who love a cold beer, it’s a casual nod to help yourself.

You can shop and read more about these pieces here.

Above left: Beeswax candles allows set the mood and do so in such a gentle way. The ambience is just perfect and sets off the other details from my lifestyle collection / Above right: I’ll wear my hat right into the evening before taking it off. Hats keep you head warm as the night air starts to fall.

You are all set now with how to wear and style my latest summer lifestyle collection, plus everything you need to set the perfect playful summer mood.

If you would like to see more from my latest Sunseeker collection tap here.

Kara x


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