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Carter’s Chicken and Tarragon Pie

This warming chicken pie is on high rotation on our weekends right now. We all love it. It’s a @werebros recipe and Carter has kindly let me publish it here for you to try too.

It’s so nourishing and perfect for this time of year, when we need all the love we can get.

Above: The pie just out of the oven with a beautiful deep golden crust. Edie and Alby in their favourite spot while I was making it.

Above: Mid-cook. I made a swallow and heart out of the puff pastry to decorate the lid.

Above: The recipe that I used, with a few little tweaks (I used chicken breast instead of roast chicken and storebought puff pastry as a shortcut).

I love all Carter’s recipes. They remind me of the simplicity of childhood meals. Let me know how you go if you make this one.

I used to sell Carter’s recipe books, but I sold out and her cookbook is now an actual sell out. The best thing to do is to sign up for @werebros ‘Substack’. Carter sends weekly recipes straight to your inbox and you pay (I think about $7 per month) for access to her entire recipe archive.

Kara x


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